How Much is the Juice Bar Nutrition Facts?

Juice is the delicious and healthy beverage. Sometimes people might take a glass of juice which is homemade or even take it from the juice bar. For you who are on diet program, take some juice may help you in decreasing the weight. However, the even juice is the healthiest beverage you still have to look for its nutrition facts. If you are a type of person who prefers to take juice from the juice bar, you have to know juice bar nutrition facts. There are so many kinds of juices which are available in juice bar so that you have to choose precisely on what will be taken.

Juice Bar Nutrition Facts

A different menu will be different in juice bar nutrition facts. For the first, in a serving of juice bar contains 80 calories with 21 gram of total carbohydrate. For the rest nutrition facts such as total fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, and even protein are 0 gram. Secondly, you may also take some of the fruit juice bars. It might be the favorite one since it will substitute your supply of fruit. In a serving of fruit juice bar, it contains 120 calories with 10mg sodium. Moreover, it also has 31 gram of total carbohydrate with 1 gram of dietary fiber and 29 gram of sugars.

Thirdly, sometimes you also have frozen fruit juice bar. For a serving or frozen fruit juice, it contains 80 calories and 55 gram sodium. For the total carbohydrate, it has 18 gram with 0.5 gram of dietary fiber and 16 gram sugars. The fourth juice bar nutrition facts are juice bar frozen Welch’s. It contains 45 calories for the serving. For the total carbohydrate, it contains 11 gram which only contains sugars. The last, the Minute Maid juice bar has 60 calories with 15 rams of carbohydrate.

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