M&M Nutrition Facts You Should Know

Who does not know M&M? Everybody knows this chocolate candy that has a code letter “m” in the center, produced by Mars, Incorporated. M & M’s is available in various flavors such as milk chocolate, almonds, butter beans, white chocolate, and much more. This chocolate candy is everyone’s favorite. But, if you are in the diet, you have to consider how many pieces of M&M that you should have. Here, we will show you M&M Nutrition facts per 20 pieces.

M&M nutrition facts

There are 69 calories in 20 pieces of M&M’s Plain Chocolate Candies which make it is 3% of RDI based on RDI of 2000 calories. Calorie breakdown of 20 pieces of M&M is 57% carbohydrate, 39% fat, and 4% protein. They also contain 2.96 g total fat, 2 mg cholesterol, 9 mg sodium, 28 mg potassium, 9.97 g carbohydrate, and 0.61 g protein. Other common serving sizes of M&M are, 1023 calories for 1 cup, 492 calories for 100 g, 103 calories for one fun size package, and three calories for one piece of M&M.

Sugar facts

Since sugar is one of the main ingredients of making chocolate candy, especially M&M, the below are going to be some facts about sugar that you have to know. Sugar is delicious of energy, especially if the food contains sugar plus fat. When it is consumed exceeds the required calories, the body will store them to gain weight. Another, when children eat too much sugar, the possibility of nutritional deficiencies is getting bigger. A glass of soft drink is as caloric as a cup of whole wheat bread, but the nutritional content will be different. In general, no foods including sugar that causes addiction like drug addicts. The truth is, craving for sweets are more likely from one’s view of food.

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From the M&M nutrition facts above, we can see that this chocolate candy contains much fat. The fat itself is sugar. It is better to consume in a proper amount, do not over-consumed.