If You Read One Article About Milk Nutrition Facts Read this One

There’s a reason why your parents always tell you to finish your milk during a meal. This is because there is no substitute for the amount of essential nutrients you can get from a tall glass of milk. Even if you have never had milk or just aren’t too fond of it. It is never too late to take up the habit, as the pros far outweigh the cons. If you are not convinced as to why milk is good for you, you will find some milk nutrition facts below which just might change your mind. While it is true that this drink is not completely necessary to living a healthy life, it is still a very big help and you will find out why.

Milk Nutrition Facts

The first and most important of all the milk nutrition facts is that it is one of the richest sources of calcium on this Earth. Calcium is one of the few things that strengthen our bones (which includes our teeth as well). Without a proper daily intake of calcium, as we age our bodies will begin to deteriorate and the bones will break down that much faster without calcium to keep it strong.

While you can still have calcium from numerous dairy products. The required intake of calcium per day is high enough. That it would be unlikely for you to reach it without at least one glass of milk a day. Other than calcium, a simple glass of milk also contains almost half of the vitamins we need every day to stay healthy. Pair that along with the proteins filled with rich amino acids and that is one long list of milk nutrition facts.

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With all of the milk nutrition facts stated above, there is simply no reason why anyone would avoid this miracle drink. So why not enjoy a tall glass yourself today? Drink and benefit from all of those nutrients, keeping you strong for days and weeks to come.