Mcdonalds Nutrition Facts In the Spotlight Along With Other Restaurants

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing some guidelines which will make Mcdonalds nutrition facts as transparent as a window pane when customers visit the restaurant.  Hopefully by now you are using free coupons and printable coupons when you eat there. Anyway, if the regulations go through, you will be able to eat at any fast food place and know exactly how many calories you are placing through your order because the calorie content will be placed right up there on the menu boards.

Many nutritional experts are giving mixed reactions and people are genuinely concerned about the possible consequences fast food restaurants will face financially should this go through.

Where Can I Find Mcdonalds Nutrition Facts?

You can already see the Mcdonalds nutrition facts at the actual restaurants; it’s plaster somewhere on the wall if you look, and if it’s not. You can easily get it on the web site where coincidentally you can find online coupons as well.

The Affordable Care Act is health reform package aim at curbing America’s obesity by allowing us to make healthier choices.  All in all, we consume about 1/3 of our total yearly calories. While eating out so it’s understandable how much of an impact unhealthy restaurant eating makes on our lives.

Do Mcdonalds Nutrition Facts Discourage Customers?

Although some people say when a person goes out to buy and enjoy a Big Mac. They are not going to be put off by the calorie content as it’s up there on the board in plain view.  I totally disagree; as we move forward trying to become healthier human beings. I think having the calorie count in a conspicuous place will definitely negatively impact the financial picture for restaurants.

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I can tell you I am fairly health-conscious and if. You can order a meal and try to get it under 800 calories. I will definitely skip a few items here and there.  Imagine how many people like me, if they pass up on extra items. How much of a financial impact that would have on the fast food industry.  I wouldn’t be surprise if a national chain goes out of business after this goes through.

Anyway, it’s too early to tell if it will happen but as for me. I am perfectly comfortable with looking at my Mcdonalds nutrition facts on a chart. I have at home before I go out to eat