Get Your Mcdonalds Breakfast Nutrition Facts Fast Straight!

If you want to eat a healthy Mickey Dees fast food breakfast you need to get your Mcdonalds breakfast nutrition facts right. In fact, once you know which items to eat you can probably eat them almost every single day and not gain or even lose weight.

The first thing most people consider for breakfast while looking at the Mcdonalds calories chart is their many egg sandwiches they have available including the McSkillet Burrito with Sausage. My choice would be the egg mcmuffin which only has 300 calories with 18 grams of protein, 30 carbohydrates, and 12 grams of fat (no trans fat).

Mcdonalds Breakfast Nutrition Facts for  Bring Good News!

When I visit I like to get a small coffee off their Mcdonalds dollar menu as well as the egg mcmuffin and occasionally I’ll treat myself to the hash browns. As tempting as it is to get the big breakfast with hotcakes, I simply opt for the hot cakes by themselves and I only use half the syrup which totals 400 calories.

I have to say I enjoy Mcdonald’s coffee more than any other place I go to except my favorite diner located over 20 miles away from home, so that’s usually out of the question. I’ve tried them all; Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and many others. Nothing compares to Mick Dees coffee for me!

Keep Your Eye on Mcdonalds Breakfast Nutrition Facts For Wise Decisions

In order to eat healthy fast food, look at the Mcdonalds nutrition facts chart and make informed decisions. Do the same when you visit other fast food places and you will not go wrong.

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In my opinion the worst fast food restaurant is one where there is no variety of great-tasting foods which have a good amount of calories versus good-tasting foods with less calories for better health. The Mcdonalds breakfast nutrition facts when it comes to breakfast are very clear; you can get a tasty breakfast that’s pretty good for you quickly, cheaply, and for less than a total of 400 calories. That’s pretty darn impressive.