How Many Calories Are in Vodka?

If you enjoy having a drink from time to time, and many of us do you may enjoy keeping an eye on how many calories are in vodka you are consuming when you are doing so. The simple fact of the matter is, drinking a little bit of vodka is going to be different than having a beer. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that either of these is going to be an unwise choice. When taking a look at these things side-by-side, you are going to notice some differences. But the real key is going to be the fact. That even within the small choices that you make you are going to have other choices available.

If you are simply going to have a shot of vodka, you are going to be adding approximately 64 calories to your body. This is not really a significant amount, but when you start adding additional shots you are going to be adding a considerable amount of calories. There are going to be some choices that need to be made when you are drinking vodka which can also make a difference in how many calories are in vodka you are consuming.

How Many Calories Are in Vodka?

A good example of this is if you enjoy having flavored vodka. A little bit of flavoring can certainly add some enjoyment to a night of drinking. But it is also going to add some calories as well. Flavored vodka contains approximately 69 calories per ounce. Which is not a significant difference but it is going to add up overall. If you are truly trying to save as many calories as possible. Go for the regular vodka and enjoy the feeling that it gives you.

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How many calories are in vodka? Many people tend to drink vodka in some type of mixed drink. This is really where the calories can start to add up. For example, if you have a shot of vodka nutrition facts in a tall glass of soda, you can expect to have a couple hundred calories by the time all is said and done. Along with that, the sugar that is in the soda is going to add a considerable amount of glucose into your bloodstream very quickly. This can taste good, but the end effect is the fact that you are going to be putting weight onto your body. Diet soda is not an alternative that you should choose, as it contains artificial sweeteners that are bad for you.

If you’re going to drink vodka, consider all of the choices that are available to you. And you should not have too difficult of a time making choices that will keep you from getting too heavy.

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