How Many Calories in a Tomato?

The number of calories in a tomato vary from one tomato to the next. There are regular red, cherry tomatoes, Italian tomatoes and plum tomatoes. Just to name a few, and they all have different caloric intake and different nutritional values. All tomatoes are excellent to eat and are filled with vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need. Tomatoes are popular all around the world in every culture around the globe.

How Many Calories in a Tomato

A basic regular red tomato about 2-3 inches in diameter. This tomato ripe and raw contains about 22 calories with 2 calories in a tomato from fat. There is no cholesterol, less than 6 grams of sodium, about 5 gms of carbohydrates, 3 grams of sugar and 1 gm of protein.

A handful of cherry tomatoes can have about 27 calories in a tomato, an Italian tomato can have about 11 calories and plum tomatoes can have about 11 calories. The cherry tomato has 3 calories from fat, .3gms of total fat, 7 mg of sodium, and 3.9 gms of sugar, 255 vit A, 32% Vit C, 2% iron and 1.3 gms of protein.

The plum tomato has about 1 calories in a tomato from fat, 3mg of sodium, total carbs of 2.4 gms, 1.6 gms of sugar, 10% vit A, 13% vit C, 1% calcium, and 1% iron.

Calories in a Tomato Nutrition Facts

A basic red, raw tomato nutrition facts contains about 20% of vitamin A, 1% of  calcium, 26% vitamin of C, 2% of Iron, 3% of vitamin E, 12% of vitamin K, 4% of niacin, 5% of vitamin B6, and 5% of folate. Also this calories in a tomato also has minerals like 1% calcium, 5% magnesium, 3% phosphorous, 8% potassium, and 1% zinc. Tomatoes have about 18 kcal of energy so the calories in a tomato are very low and they can be eaten whole, raw, cubed, stewed, smashed etc. They are great for all types of meals and they are native to the Mediterranean, Asian and European cuisine.

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Health Benefits of Calories in a Tomato

There are antioxidants in calories in a tomato. Like alpha and beta carotene in tomatoes, phyto- chemicals and zeanthin in calories in a tomato. Eating a ripe fresh tomato that is bright in color, vibrant, rich in flavor and in this calories in a tomato contains vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and phyto nutrients. That the body needs for skin, hair, nails, and the body’s overall health. When choosing a tomato choose one that is brightly color, no dents, scratches or rotten areas.

Once home place the tomatoes at room temperature in a cool dark place. And wash thoroughly before eating to get fresh calories in a tomato, beware of pesticides. If possible purchase organic fresh vegetables, or from a local farmers market. Shop locally if possible that way the tomatoes do not have to travel far to get to your kitchen table. And this helps guarantee freshness and delicious varieties straight from the fields.

The calories like calories in a tomato that we consume is important. Because we need a certain amount to keep our bodies running. But not too many because then we run the risk of putting on weight. Watching calorie intake is a very important part of many diets. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetable and other foods everyday.

To make sure that our body gets the require amount of calories from calories in a tomato, vitamins, minerals and energy. That it needs is very important. Tomatoes are full of nutrients. They come in over 3500 varieties and they can be use in every meal from purees to casseroles. By eating a tomato is a great way to fill the craving for a snack. As it is healthy as well as filling. The low calories in a tomato makes them a great addition to any diet.