Low-Calorie Vegetables

Vegetables are certainly good for our body. It contains a lot of health nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and others. Also, fiber and antioxidant also consisted of vegetables. Talking about the nutrition, as like fruits, almost all vegetables have low calories. However, some of it contains the high level of calories. Low-Calorie Vegetables are very great for you who plan to get a healthy diet. Therefore, you need understanding well about which are the Low-Calorie Vegetables and which are the high-calorie veggies.

What are the Low-Calorie Vegetables?

Vegetables has low calories, even some of it has no carbohydrate at all about less than five calories in each serving (100g). A vegetable that has low calories would have contribution for our health if it consumed regularly. Below are several Low-Calorie Vegetables.


This green vegetable becomes a vegetable that mostly consumed by people in daily life. Spinach has low calories about seven calories in each cup together with other nutrition like folate, iron, vitamin A, and K.


Celery contains about ten calories in every cup. However, the chopped celery can contain more calories which are about 16 calories.


Lettuce normally has different calories based on what kind of salad that you consumed. The iceberg lettuce has about eight calories in each cup, and the butterhead has seven calories.


Each cup of asparagus provides 27 calories along with 70 mg folates. This veggie becomes one of the richest ones that contains folate.

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Cauliflower provides about 27 calories in each cup.


Broccoli has more calories has cauliflower. It delivers 31 calories along with vitamin A, C, and K, iron, and folate as well.


Mushroom has different calories based on its types. The white one has 21 calories, and portabella delivers 19 calories. Mushroom is also perfect for health due to its source of vitamin D, potassium, selenium, and niacin.

Those are several vegetables that contain low calories. However, all of them can have more calories if it is cooked and baked along with seasonings and sauces.

More About Low-Calorie Vegetables

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