Using Lipton Green Tea To Lose Weight Is Healthy

Many people want to lose some weight these days, and due to the poor nutrition of most foods available, there is a tendency towards obesity. There is an entire industry focused on selling weight loss products to overweight consumers, and most of the products are relatively ineffective.

Using Lipton Green Tea To Lose Weight Is Healthy

Fortunately, there are some weight loss aids that do work fairly well without posing a health risk. Lipton green tea weight loss is one such product that has proved very helpful and is also quite effective when used properly.

Green tea contains certain fat burning compounds called polyphenols that help burn fat through thermogenesis even while a person is inactive. These anti-oxidants may even work to prevent the conversion of calories into fat. There are healthy benefits to drinking the beverage even without wanting to lose some weight due to the anti-oxidants provided by green tea.

Lipton Green Teatwo cups of tea each day, and four is better. In fact, it is safe for most people to consume the caffeine in up to eight cups a day, but it is not recommended to exceed that amount.

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to the perfect cup of tea, but the basic instructions begin with an 8 ounce cup of boiling water poured over one or two tea bags in a cup. The tea will be stronger with two tea bags, and the longer the bags are allowed to steep the stronger the tea will be as well. Of course, this also means there will be more of the polyphenol compounds in the tea which which will make the green tea more effective.

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While adding sweetener or cream to the tea will increase the calories, the small amount can make it more enjoyable to drink the tea. Using honey or Stevia as a sweetener is a better choice than sugar or artificial sweetener. The Lipton green tea weight loss process will be easier because of the various flavors that are available under this brand name that you can choose from.

Lipton Green Tea For Serious People About Losing Weight

People who are serious about losing weight will work to improve the nutrition of their diet and increase their level of exercise while using Lipton green tea as an aid. Exercise workouts will be more effective when a person drinks a cup or two of green tea about an hour before they begin their routine. Their endurance will be increased, enabling them to work harder at a higher rate of intensity. This is the most effective way to reduce body fat while still preserving their lean muscle.

If the caffeine in green tea causes night time insomnia, Lipton offers 100 percent natural decaf or decaffeinated honey lemon as an alternate choice for an additional cup or two late in the day.

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