Do You Know How Much the Coke Nutrition Facts Is?

Coke is one of carbonated drink. In some ways, it is better to less consuming the carbonated drink. However, you still can taste it for some sips. If you are on a diet, it will be forbidden for you to take this carbonate. Since the nutrition will make you lost on dieting. For some people, coke is the best drink for gathering. Others also said that Coke must be the perfect match while we are eating chicken. Do you know how much the coke nutrition facts is? As far, there are some packaging of coke which has different nutrition. Moreover, there is also some flavor in Coca-Cola Coke.

The Original Flavor of Coca-Cola Coke Nutrition Facts

For the first, people might know the initial taste of Coca-Cola Coke. There are some different packaging of coke from can to bottle. From little to big package. For each package have different coke nutrition facts. For the 12 floz of the can, it has 140 calories with 45mg of sodium and 39gram of total carbohydrate. Then, for the 16 floz of can contains 190 calories with 60mg of sodium and 52gram of total carbohydrate.

Move to the bottle size, and it has so many sizes for original flavor. For the little one which is 20 floz has 240 calories with 75mg of sodium and 65gram of total carbohydrate. Meanwhile, for the bigger size of 1 liter, 1.2 liters, 2 liters, and 3 liters have same coke nutrition facts. It will be counted based on per serving which is 360 mL. Per 360 ML of original Coca-Cola contains 140 calories, 45mg sodium, and 39gram total carbohydrate. Then, if you prefer the vanilla flavor, you have to know that it has higher calories than the original. For a can of vanilla Coca-Cola, it contains 150 calories with 35gram sodium and 42gram total carbohydrate.

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