Why KFC Nutrition Facts Will Change Your Life

Chicken breast is one of the healthiest sources of protein you can incorporate into your diet. But when it’s coated in breading and deep fried in fat it suddenly becomes an unhealthy entree. The KFC Nutrition facts divulge the high calorie content, as well as high levels of fat and sodium.

While it’s not dangerous to eat at KFC nutrition facts on occasion, eating there daily will not give your body the nutrition it needs but will certainly lead to weight gain and unhealthiness. A few considerations will help you eat more healthfully while dining at there.

KFC Nutrition Facts

KFC Nutrition Facts : Grilled Instead of Crispy

The KFC nutrition facts show that one crispy chicken breast has 440 calories, 970 mg of sodium and 27 grams of fat. The calories alone are about triple of a plain, grilled skinless, boneless chicken breast. Who doesn’t love the crispy coating on KFC crispy chicken? Probably not your arteries. Stick with grilled chicken, instead. A grilled chicken breast has 190 calories, 550 mg of sodium and 6 grams of fat.

KFC Nutrition Facts : Select Sides Carefully

Potato wedges and French fries are obviously not the best side dish choices. KFC nutrition facts show these items to be very high in calories and fat for a small amount of food. Salads are often a good choice but steer clear of creamy salads, such as potato salad, cole slaw and macaroni salad. Instead, choose green beans, corn on the cob or baked beans. Hold the biscuit, though, because it’s another source of empty calories.

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KFC Nutrition Facts : Best Drink Options

A large 64-ounce soft drink on KFC nutrition facts contains 800 calories– that’s one-half to two-thirds the amount of calories the average woman needs for the entire day. The regular size cola is 400 calories, which isn’t much better. If water doesn’t appeal to you, choose the unsweetened ice tea. Diet sodas are okay but check the sodium levels if you have hypertension.

KFC Nutrition Facts : Say “No” to Dessert

KFC nutrition facts on the deserts show the southern-style desserts will make a huge dent in your daily caloric intake, not to mention add loads of fat and sugar to your meal. Pecan pie is delicious, but at 410 calories with 22 grams of fat, it uses up almost an entire meal’s worth of calories.

Reserve KFC for a special treat and be diligent about checking KFC nutrition facts before you order. By planning ahead, you can select a healthier meal option and avoid consuming empty calories and unhealthy amounts of fat, sodium and sugar.