How Jimmy John’s Nutrition Facts isn’t as Bad as You Think

The Jimmy John’s nutrition facts are important for people who love having the gourmet sandwiches made by this chain of fast food restaurants. Basically, Jimmy John’s is a popular name in the market that is synonymous with quality sandwiches and some amazing meals. Even though they are quite healthy, people tend to be a bit conscious about their overall health and nutrition. The Jimmy John’s nutrition content has been a matter of discussion since a long time. And this has prompted the company to provide clear information on the Jimmy John’s nutrition facts. We are compiling the information related to the popular Jimmy John’s sandwiches and presenting it for your quick reference.

Information about Jimmy John’s Nutrition Facts

In order to give you the most relevant information about Jimmy John’s nutrition facts. Let’s start with the common 8” sub sandwiches that are on their menu. The Big John is the most popular one on the list and the overall Jimmy John’s nutrition facts has been collected here. The total amount of calories in this Jimmy John’s sandwich comes out to be 533, with 24gm of fat and 26gm of proteins. The vegetarian 8” club sandwich from Jimmy John’s has a high Jimmy John’s nutritional content and the overall calories come out to be somewhere around 578.

This is one of the popular Jimmy John’s sandwiches out there. And you would find that people on an entirely vegetarian diet prefer this option. The giant club sandwiches from Jimmy John’s are up next in our analysis. These are the real fillers and have a high Jimmy John’s nutrition facts content. The nutrition data that is available for these Jimmy John’s sandwiches puts the overall amount of calories. In all of them somewhere around 800. The exact figures of Jimmy John’s calorie counter vary by +- 50calories.

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Jimmy John’s Nutrition Facts PDF

In case you are a big fan of the Jimmy John’s sandwiches. You should keep the Jimmy John’s nutrition facts PDF handy. This Jimmy John’s nutrition PDF would provide you all the information. Related to the different Jimmy John’s sandwiches for your quick reference. The entire menu of Jimmy John’s is cover by this Jimmy John’s nutrition PDF. And it is a big help for people who are conscious about their health and diet. Overall, Jimmy John’s nutrition facts is quite decent, with some extra calories being the only problem.