Jello Nutrition Facts

People with a valid interest in keeping their waistlines slim will definitely be interested in learning about different Jello nutrition facts. One of America’s most loved desserts, it is has become an increasingly popular addition to diet plans across the States. Maybe because it is considerably less fattening than some of the alternatives. However, while Jello may be a dieter’s dream dessert, does it offer much in the way of nutritional value?

History Of Jell-O

Unbelievably, Jello has been around for over 100-years, the wobbly dessert is a cunning mixture of sugar, dye, gelatin and flavorings. Therefore, while Jello may be low in fat, it more than makes up for this in artificial flavorings. Sold in both ready-to-eat and powder forms, Jello is made via a complicated process that involves the collagen from an animal’s bones and skin. Because of this it is not suitable for people who follow a vegan diet.

Jello Nutrition Facts

Interesting Jello nutrition facts include the fact that it contains no cholesterol, meaning the calorie count is very low – around 10 calories per 92g serving of low-fat Jello and twice that for the normal Jello. However, while Jello is especially low in bad things, such as fat, it is also on the low side when it comes to good things too. Meaning it actually offers no nutritional value at all. Dieters are quick to disagree though, especially those who have a mean sweet tooth that can lead them off the healthy eating path. Jello is idea for a quick, sweet snack that won’t add inches to the waist.

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Despite there being very few Jello nutrition facts, there are several inventive recipes out there that use Jello as an ingredient. Perhaps the most popular, and easy to make, are the Jello salad recipes. Most people do not consider Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner complete without a delicious homemade Jello salad as part of their spread. For people counting the calories, a Jello salad could be the one thing they do not feel too naughty eating during times of celebration.

Jello Salad Recipes

Jello salad recipes are easy to follow, or you can make one up as you go along. As long as you ensure the measurements of water are right, and you allow enough time for the Jello to set, you can’t really go wrong. Add your favorite fruit such as apple, raspberries or pineapple or you are feeling adventurous add something savory too. Jello salads have been known to be made with cottage cheese, horseradish sauce and even garlic. The only limits are your taste buds.

While Jello nutrition facts may be a little thin on the ground. There is no denying this tasty little dessert can help dieters overcome a sugar rush. However, they can also encourage small children to eat their five portions of fruit a day. Rather than try and coax them into eating an apple or pear. Simply add the fruit to the Jello salad for a much more tempting and nutritious snack. The child will have even more fun if you let them help make the salad too. Jello salad bars are also a quick and healthy addition to a school lunch bag. Simply make a batch and put them in the refrigerator until they are needed.

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