Why Iceberg Lettuce Nutrition Facts Will Change Your Life

Iceberg Lettuce is the most popular lettuce in the world, characterized by its crispiness and cooling effect because of its water content.  This has been the best choice among consumers until other varieties of lettuce came out in the market.  Myths once told that dark green leaves have the most nutrients.  But the Lettuce Nutrition Facts tells that Iceberg Lettuce is still a healthy choice.  Here are some of the iceberg lettuce nutrition facts that will guide us on what nutrients we have in Icebergs.

Iceberg Lettuce Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits Of Iceberg Lettuce

Good for dieters. This iceberg lettuce nutrition fact seems music to diet conscious people because of its low calorie content.  This is the reason why most dieting people eat too much vegetable, and iceberg is a good choice.  You can eat much of this and feel fuller without even thinking of being over eaten.

Nurture body cells. This lettuce nutrition fact tells that iceberg lettuce contains iron that makes a lot with our body cells.  It helps the oxygen to transport into the body parts where it is essential for the growth of cells.  Iron also treats iron deficiency anemia.

Constipation remedy. This lettuce nutrition fact can help constipated people to cure their digestion problem.  Plants are known to be rich in fiber and one of those is Iceberg lettuce.

Improves Immune System. This iceberg lettuce nutrition fact can help an individual to be strong.  Iceberg Lettuce contains a beta-carotene that helps the improvement of immune system.  Those beta-carotene found in iceberg lettuce will transformed into vitamin A which is essential to boost up the immune system that will protect you against any diseases and illnesses.

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Though they say that iceberg lettuce has the least nutrient content than those with romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce nutrition facts proved that iceberg lettuce is still a good pick for good and healthy diet.  So take the most of nutritious iceberg lettuce, add this to your market list and have the cheapest lettuce in town.