How Vegetables are Roasted

Roasting brings the natural sweetness and flavour of vegetables. Think of roasted vegetables: eggplants, asparagus, onion, and garlic. They’re not just tasty but also very aromatic. If you wish to make veggie pizza, you can just roast all the vegetables and top them with cheese and you’ll have the best-tasting and nutritious pizza in the world! Roasting makes you enjoy the crisp and tang of the veggies which makes it a better way of cooking than steaming. Vegetables are roasted using no other ingredient but olive oil. While making the vegetables like pepper or cabbage crunchy, you will totally enjoy your meal.

How Vegetables are Roasted

The olive oil changes the nutritional value of the meal being prepared. Among all kinds of cooking oil, olive oil has the most health benefits. Any vegetable may be roasted but experts recommend variety in colors to attain the highest nutritional value. Commonly roasted vegetables are onions, eggplant, yellow and green peppers, mushroom, squash, cabbage, corn or maiz.If you love beans, there’s no better way to prepare them than roasting. If you have oven at home, you can just place the beans and add some salt to taste. Tree nuts such as cashews and almonds are great tasting when roasted.

Roasted soybeans are great option for snacking too and they have low calories. ¼ cup of roasted soybeans contains about 130 calories.

Roasted Vegetables Benefit to your Health

Roasted vegetables have been part of the Mediterranean diet. The meal includes different vegetables from beans to the leaves, sprouts, and fruits which are all roasted. Vegetables have always been the best source of vitamins and minerals needed by the body to stay fit and healthy. Too much meat would mean too much animal proteins. Vegetables have higher content of antioxidants and help greatly reduce the risk of getting heart disorders, cancer, and other health diseases.

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Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Fresh vegetables are those that are locally grown. Meaning they were not exposed to chemicals such as pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
Roasting vegetables is also a great way to preserve the nutrients and minerals of the food. Unlike in regular cooking such as stir-frying, some of the essential nutrients are eliminated. Raw vegetables contain the most of vitamins and nutrients but of course, there are vegetables that cannot be eaten raw. If you’re cooking veggies, have it half done and not overcooked. This way you can be sure that you’re still consuming what your body needs.

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