Get an Idea Of How Many Calories In Vegetables Before Your Diet Programs

Consuming more vegetables is the must to do and the most important one. Especially it will be the best for you who are on diet program. Since vegetables have the best nutrition and low calories, it will make you easy to avoid the excess fat. How many calories in vegetables is also important for calculating how far you have to consume calories for a day. In that situation, you will not only just consume more vegetables, but you can also mix some of the vegetables that have enough calories that your body need.

Knowing how many calories in vegetables will help you to control the supply for a day. Although there will be not many calories contain in vegetables, you still have to concern about the calories in vegetables. Not all kind of vegetables have low calories, but some of them may contain higher calories than others. So, here are some lists of plants with its calories:


Asparagus is one of the vegetables which has the lowest calories. It contains 0.6 gram of fat, 1.7 gram of fiber, 2.9 gram of protein, and 1.9 gram of carbohydrate. For each serving which is around 100 gram, asparagus contains of 24.4 kcal.


Broccoli might be the popular choice for the diet meal. However, there are some difference calories of broccoli after some process. So, how many calories in vegetables is? For the raw broccoli, it contains 2.6 gram of fiber, 0.9 gram of fat, 3.9 gram of protein, and 1.7 gram of carbohydrate. So, 100 gram of raw broccoli contains 30.8 kcal. Meanwhile, the boiled broccoli has lower calories which are 24 kcal. The cooked broccoli also contains 2.3gram of fiber, 08gram of fat, 3.1gram of protein, and 1.1gram of carbohydrate.

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It might be the main supply of vegetables. In each 100 gram of potato, it contains 109 kcal with 25.2 gram of carbohydrate.

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