The Evolution of How Many Calories In Eggs

You might be a kid who didn’t eat well while you were young. Your mom might be worried about your health. Doctors might prescribe medicines to make you hungry and also suggest her to add egg and milk into your daily meal. Did you ever think why it is so? This is because of the presence of nutrients that are important for your growth in the egg. So, do you know how many calories are there in an egg? Some of you might be thinking why I should think about that.

But, it is not at all true. You must have a thorough knowledge about the food you eat. Likewise, you must be aware of how many calories in eggs. So that it helps to you to have a balanced diet even if you are a fat person. An egg is an important meal that contains various proteins and minerals; one must have to eat it raw or as boiled. The yolk of the egg is the most important material that must be included.

How Many Calories In Eggs

Basically, the contents of the egg vary along with the dish that is made with it. This will be depending upon the dish that we are preparing by using the egg. The egg contains calories as well as proteins. In a raw egg, it contains 75 calories and 6g. The number of calories rises as it is heated. When it is boiled or fried, the number of calories gradually rises. Let us see some examples. In an average boiled egg, there are 80 calories and 6g. In an egg that got fried in oil has got 120 calories and 6g.

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But in the case of a scrambled egg, that is an egg got scrambled with milk will be having 170 calories and 14g proteins. For an omelette, it contains 128 calories and 10g proteins. For a combination of egg and cheese the number of calories will be 300 and 15g proteins. Finally, for a egg fried rice, the number of calories are 210 and the protein count will reach up to 6g.

The number of calories in the dishes will never be the same every time. This is because of the lack of accuracy in the number of calories for the ingredients. The number of calories can produce a very visible change in the body. The dishes like egg with fried rice are the favorite one in the south west Asia and Middle East. This is the reason why the doctors advice to reduce oily food and also the egg.

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