How Many Calories In Egg Whites

At today’s scenario, most of us are health conscious, we decide the diet plan and also check how much calories are there in any particular food. It is necessary also to know about the affects of foods on our health, which we usually eat. If someone is on diet then he/she must eat food after calculating the calories. Do you know how many calories in egg whites? Getting answer to this query is little bit tricky, as some people believe that egg white of a large egg consists of 17 calorie while others believe that it has 16 calorie per egg.

How Many Calories In Egg Whites

The main advantage of egg white is, the person eating the egg whites usually gets protein with calorie, it is not about only protein, but energy is also provided by its consumption. Typically, people have misconception that egg yolk has high cholesterol and calories, they often eat eggs without yellow part. The fact related to this misconception is that an egg as a whole has many benefits; it provides energy, protein and essential supplements that avoid the causes of cancer. It also includes varieties of minerals and vitamins, which are essential for good health.

Large egg whites have 17 calorie approximately, and the way you cook it, can also add some numbers of calories. To get rid of extra adding calories, you can take help of some useful tips such as- use calorie free or fat free oil for cooking egg whites. Avoid olive oil for cooking eggs, although it reduces the chances of sticking egg whites on pan but adds significant amount of calorie and fat to recipe. Therefore, it will be a better option to use any other fat free oil to cook your egg recipe.

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According to studies, egg whites do not include cholesterol, fat and are full of protein and low calories. Above was the discussion about how many calories in egg whites, now discussing about other egg forms. Starting with fried egg, it has about 92 calories per piece. Most of the eggetarians like to eat fried eggs but it has many calories because of frying oil. A scrambled egg has 100 calories and hardboiled egg has about 76 calories. It can be eaten with salads, breakfast or with meals. The best way to eat is by keeping it in freeze for a while before eating it. Poached egg is same as hardboiled egg; the simple difference is it is cooked without the shell in water. It gives 76 calories when it is consumed.

If you are afraid of knowing how many calories in egg whites, then you will be excited to know that it only has approximately 16-17 calories not more than that. However, this figure can be increased depending upon the method of cooking it. Plenty of vitamins and minerals are included in egg whites and also protein and energy is produced by it. If you are still having doubt then you can avoid eating it, else eating an egg a day can be beneficial for your overall health.

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