How Many Calories In Dates

The number of calories in the food that enters the body determines human body weight. Although calories are needed as the primary fuel for the body, if the incoming calories are excessive, then the rest will be converted into fat. All of the three most important types of calories, namely proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that enter the body, both have a balanced level to be converted into fat that accumulates in the body. But, before we start a further information on how many calories in dates, we all should aware of how many calories that we need.

How many calories that we need?

The human body needs of energy, or in other words, the number of calories that need to be consumed to maintain weight depends on many factors. Some of them are

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Activity level
  • Last but not least, the genetic factors

In general, adults need 13.5 calories for every 0.45 kg of body weight each day to meet their energy needs. But if you are active enough, then you need about 16 calories for every 0.45 kg of your body weight. And that requirement can increase to 18 calories / 0.45 kg body weight each day if you are a very physically active person.

How many calories in dates?

A large date palm, which approximately 24 grams, can contain about 65 calories. When compared with other fruits, the dates are very dense fruits of calories. In comparison, the calories in 1 date with a weight of 24 grams are as much as one apple that weighs 125 grams. It is because the date palm contains a lot less water content than other fruits trees. However, when compared with other foods that have a high-fat content such as nuts and oils, the dates contain fewer calories. It is because dates can be said to be fat-free, and fat is a form of concentrated calories. By comparison, 100 grams of nuts can contain up to 650 calories or 2.5 times more than the calorie content in dates for the same weight. So, you now you don’t have to worry anymore about how many calories in dates, right?

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