Many People are Asking Themselves; How Many Calories in a Banana?

How many calories in a Banana? Well, a medium-size banana contains 105 calories with 27 grams of carbohydrates, comparable results per portion as pears and apples.

Despite the fact that they sometimes tend to be maligned mainly because of the larger amounts of sugar, you shouldn’t be intimidated. Bananas do consist of complex carbs and they are pack with potassium as well as vitamins C and B-6.

Speak with any athlete, and they’re going to tell you that a banana makes a excellent pre-workout snack mainly because it provides the boost of energy required to power through a workout without weighing your body down.

Banana Health Advantages And Nutrition Details

Banana nutrition facts contains dietary fiber which increases digestion process. It contains certain enzymes that improve absorption of nutrients like calcium, vitamin and minerals.

Banana is rich of Antioxidants like Vitamin C, E and beta carotene which prevents damage of cell from free radicals. In research it was found out that people eating banana daily had less risk to get kidney cancer.

Banana is highest source of potassium. Potassium contained in banana is effective in lowering blood pressure. Making it effective in preventing cardiovascular disease likes heart attack and stroke.

Manganese and calcium are important for proper development of bone. It also prevents loss of calcium during increase in potassium ion.

Vitamin C is need to improve immunity process. It is also also necessary for the absorption of iron.

Banana is rich in calorie. A banana provides 90 KCal energy. Therefore it is best food to provide quick energy supply. If you’re stress from your work and feel low in energy then banana may be best food for you. It’s used by athlete because it, rapidly refuels the lost energy. Thus it is best sports nutrition food.

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Banana contains potassium and sodium that are essential to maintain electrolyte level in balance. Electrolyte is important for transportation of ions to every cells of body. Plus it maintains fluid level which is vital for muscle contraction. So potassium and sodium plays important role in maintaining electrolyte level.
It’s effective in preventing ulcer. It normalize digestive tract as well as prevent diarrhea.

Banana is versatile in nature. You can use it for making juice or eaten directly. It is great energy source and quickly provides energy. And with this it is good way to obtain vitamin, mineral, amino acids, electrolyte and phyto-nutrients. Therefore it is super fruit that you should not miss in your daily diet. A single banana per day may be effective to provide you with optimum health benefits.

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