Time to Know How Many Calories are in Vegetables

Sometimes we need to calculate our supply, so there will be no imbalance weight. There is a way to control our supply by consuming food in the right amount. Consuming right amount does not mean that you have to eat less than usual. Good amount means you have to balance calories that your body need. In that situation, diet is needed. You can start to consume more vegetables and fruits for your diet routine. Although you are only consuming vegetables and fruits, you need to know how many calories are in vegetables. As a result, your diet menu will be arranged quickly.

How Many Calories are in Vegetables

If you want to control your supply, you have to know how many calories are in vegetables before deciding to add other supply. Since vegetables are the important one, so you cannot forget about its calories. Some people might think that vegetables have fewer calories. There are some vegetables which have high calories that either helps you in controlling the diet menu or destroying your diet menu. To make you easier in arranging the diet menu, here are the calories that contained in each vegetable that will be consumed as the diet menu:

Raw Cherry Tomato

These two kind of plants might usually be used for the ingredients. As the diet meal, the cherry tomato has the best benefit for health. In each serving of 100 gram cherry tomatoes, there will be 18 kcal with 3.04 gram of carbohydrate and 0.73 gram protein.

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Baby Spinach

Sometimes you also need green vegetables. As one of the options, you can take baby spinach. It has 25 kcal for each 100 gram with 1.6 gram of carbohydrate and 2.8 gram of protein.


As the alternative, you may also take mushrooms as the diet meal. How many calories are in vegetables of mushrooms depends on the process. For the fried mushrooms, it has 157 kcal.

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