How Many Calories Are in A pineapple?

There is perhaps no other piece of food that is more amazing than the simple pineapple. A pineapple contains about 480 calories, but that number is really going to depend upon a number of different factors. For one, pineapples come in a varying number of sizes and although a typical pineapple is going to be around 5 inches. You may find those that are some inches larger. If you are trying to keep a very close track of the amount of calories that you are eating on a daily basis. You can really only use the 100 calorie basis of general guideline. There are a number of different reasons why this is the case.

How Many Calories Are in A pineapple?

One of the things that is going to change the number of calories that are in the pineapple is the size of the pineapple itself. This would seem to be rather obvious but many people tend to overlook that simple fact. Another thing that you need to consider when trying to keep track of calories is the fact that fruit is not always going to be an exact figure. Depending upon the weather conditions and when the fruit was picked, there may be a varying degree of sugar that is in the fruit which can also affect the calorie count as well.

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Perhaps more important than considering the calories in pineapple is thinking about the fact that it is going to be very healthy for you to eat it regularly. As a matter of fact, many people start out every single day with several pineapples, not only because it gives them the calories that they need to get started but because it also gives them the fiber that is necessary to keep them healthy. Keep this in mind the next time you pass the expensive pineapple  at the grocery store.

Pineapple Nutrition Facts

Of course, pineapples aren’t only meant to be eaten alone and as a matter of fact. They are some of the best things that you can possibly include in a smoothie. If you really want to be as healthy as possible, include a piece or two of raw, leafy green vegetables in your smoothie every day. It will make it a delicious and nutritious shake and if you include pineapples, they will overpower any green taste that may be included. read more information about calories in oatmeal and calories in shrimp

If you’re going to eat pineapples regularly, and I would suggest that you do then it is important for you to pick them up every few days and to buy them in varying degrees of ripeness. The ripe pineapples on your counter top are going to help the other pineapples to ripen properly and you will find that you have a never-ending supply when you keep them in this way.

Pineapple calories / how many calories in a pineapple?

100 grams of a typical pineapple contains 48 calories / 48 kcal

nutritional information per 100 grams pineapples:

Protein: 0.54g
Fat: 0.12g
Carbohydrate: 12.63g
Sugar: 9.26g
Calcium: 13mg
Iron: 0.28mg
Potassium: 115mg
Sodium: 1mg
Zinc: 0.1mg
Selenium: 0.1 microgram
Vitamin C: 36.2mg
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