How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac?

How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac – Most reviews about fast food’s effect to health always show a negative light. Being high in calorie, especially one coming from its fat. Its saturated fat, fast food is mostly considered detrimental to the health. McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food franchises in the world. Serving more than 60 million customers in 117 countries. McDonald’s is undisputed the most prominent company the term fast food is associated to.

So, is McDonald the most notorious culprit that causes various cholesterol and obesity-related health problems. Suffered by thousands of people all around the world? This article will shed a light of the nutritional facts of the franchise’s celebrated products, especially its famous Big Mac. So how many calories are in a Big Mac? Lets Check it out.

The Calories of McDonald’s Foods

Before we starting continue on how many calories are in a Big Mac. First off all we must know what are McDonalds offers. McDonald’s offers a large variety of fast foods. Including burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, salads, and shakes, all accompanied with soda in a container that is as large as your head. Condiments unique to McDonald’s, including hot, sweet and sour mustard’s as well as various types of sauce and ketchup, make all of those foods exclusive McDonald’s foods that offer distinctive taste and aroma.

Most of those foods contain no less than 300 calories without condiments. Almost 50% of those calories come from the saturated fat content of those foods. If you dare to call those foods unhealthy, they are indeed unhealthy, especially if you eat them frequently in a day. So how many calories are in a Big Mac?

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How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac Burger

The most celebrated food in McDonald’s menu is its Big Mac burger. This exclusive burger consists of a pair of all-beef patties, one slice of American cheese, onions, lettuces, pickles, and three layers of sesame seed bun. The notable Big Mac sauce is added to enhance the taste of this combination. And so how many calories are in a Big Mac?

How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac : 3 Important Nutritional Component

Based on the listed ingredients, we will now break down the nutritional contents of how many calories are in a Big Mac. Three important nutritional components to notice are fat, carbohydrate and protein. Which add 261, 164 and 104 calories respectively to the burger. In total, if the calories of Big Mac’s condiments are included in the calculation, one Big Mac serving contains about 549 calories.

How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac : Big Mac’s Fat

One of the most terrifying facts about how many calories are in a Big Mac is its high fat content. With 29g of fat consisting of 10g saturated fat, 7.6g unsaturated fat and more than 1g trans fat. Big Mac is one of the fattiest fast foods that you ever eat. The saturated and trans fat content of Big Mac, in particular, will surely cause health risk because they contribute to the increase of low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) and the decrease of high-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol) in your blood. Eat Big Mac too often and you will start experiencing various health problems related to high bad cholesterol level, such as heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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Is McDonald’s Killing You if We Doesnt Know How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac?

The right question is whether you try to kill yourself with McDonald’s foods. Most of McDonald’s foods are indeed high in calories. However, if you know how to eat them properly, you can still enjoy their unique and delicious taste without having to suffer the consequence. Remember that the moment you eat at McDonald’s is a prized moment. You can hardly enjoy the unique taste of its burger anywhere else. If you find eating at McDonald’s enjoyable. You have to know how to configure a healthy mealtime menu in which McDonald’s food is a part.

Why Is Configuring Your McDonald’s Diet Necessary?

Why should you do that? As said earlier about how many calories are in a Big Mac, if you configure your meal properly, McDonald’s foods, especially its Big Mac. This will not only be the best foods that you can eat every day, but also be foods that make your diet more balanced. There are, however, other reasons why you should know how many calories are in a Big Mac and configure your McDonald’s diet instead of abandoning it. McDonald’s has a reputation of always putting its customers’ interest as its priority. You certainly know why McDonald’s doesn’t sell beef burger in India and why it uses kosher and halal meat in countries where the custom requires it, right? In countries where people are aware of their health, McDonald’s has also done its best to prioritize on their interest.

Since 2013, McDonald’s has implemented a policy that requires calorie information to be provided to every food that it sells. Therefore, if you happen to visit one of its stores. You can see exactly how many calories that you will get if you eat particular McDonald’s food. You will know how many calories are in a Big Mac from McDonald’s and how to configure your meal accordingly. Your life with McDonald’s will be much happier and healthier. If you know how to control your consumption of McDonald’s foods.

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How to Configure Your McDonald’s Diet?

If you already know how many calories are in a Big Mac as well as in other McDonald’s foods. You should know how to configure their consumption. So that you can still enjoy them but you don’t have to suffer from their bad effects. There are two ways to control your consumption of how many calories are in a Big Mac. First, you should limit your calorie intake by defining a constraint to the maximum calories that your body needs in a day; second, you should know how to burn excess calories that are deposited in your body in the form of fat.

For example, if your body can function properly with 2000 calories in a day. You should already know how often you can eat those foods. After you define your calorie intake cap, you should know how to burn excess calories in your body. Online calculator that helps you program your exercises according to the calories that you consume. It is can be helpful tool to help you organize your exercises on how many calories are in a Big Mac.

For example, if you know that how many calories are in a Big Mac floods your body with 549 calories. By using the calculator, you will know that in order to burn those calories. You should spend 144 minutes to walk, 63 minutes to jog, 46 minutes to swim, or 74 minutes to ride your bike. You can configure your McDonald’s diet effectively by using the calculator.