How Fractionated Coconut Oil Will Work Wonders for Your Skin

Fractionated coconut oil happens to be very popular in the world of massage therapy, aromatherapy and skin care product manufacturing. It also happens to be the preferred oil when it comes to top quality soap making.

Facts About Coconut Oil

In a nutshell, coconut oil gets expressed under a lot of pressure from the kernel of the coconut before it gets filtered. Although it is solid when at room temperature, it will melt quite easily when at body temperature. Because of this, it might make people’s skin flare up if they have nut allergies. Conversely, here are some of the healing properties that fractionated coconut oil can have when it comes to your skin.

Coconut oil, in general, is a very common ingredient in cosmetic products, most of all in suntan lotion, soaps, shampoos and shaving creams. This is because of how well it lathers and how well it conditions the scalp.

Refined coconut oil, on the other hand, is quite similar to subcutaneous tissue, though, so it works better with skink compared to other vegetable oils. In fact, most aromatherapists and massage therapists will agree that this oil doesn’t clog the pores, making it the perfect carrier oil for people who have oily or otherwise troubled skin.

What is Fractionated Coconut Oil?

So, what is fractionated coconut oil, then? Well, fractionation gets rid of the saturated fat from the coconut oil through heat, turning it into liquid and making it softer, thus taming the overwhelming natural scent of the oil at the same time. This should not be confused with hydrogenation, though, as the latter will actually stuff hydrogen into the oil to turn it solid.

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Several naturalists in today’s day and age still question whether fractionated coconut oil should be used because it isn’t an entire product. Also, the majority of aromatherapists out there prefer all-natural oils and this is especially true when it comes to essential oils. However, a lot of them also find fractionated oil very satisfactory in the form of a carrier and like it better than unrefined oil since it doesn’t turn rancid as quickly.

How Fractionated Coconut Oil Will Work Wonders for Your Skin

Fractionated oil is also ideal for moisturizing the body, especially the hands. The skin absorbs it easy as it is very light and it leaves the skin feeling smooth as satin. It is sometimes used as an intensive moisturizing treatment, as well, in order to condition dry, brittle or dull hair. Ideally, it should be used after a shower or a bath to moisturize the skin.

Fractionated coconut oil is also a great oil to use after being out in the sun and is great for scalp treatments. All you have to do is massage it into your scalp and let it stay on your hair for quite some time. A lot of people also use it in place of conditioner and it can be used for itchy, sensitive or dry skin, too.

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