How Cooking with Coconut Oil Can Lead to a Longer Life

Although canola oil was generally the oil of choice for years, the truth is that baking and cooking with coconut oil is generally better when it comes to matters in the kitchen. See, canola oil comes with a particular problem: it has a lot of toxins in it because it comes from the Canadian rapeseed plant.

Coconut Oil Vs Canola Oil

In a nutshell, companies need to process this plant in order to get rid of the toxins in it and make it edible. Unfortunately, a lot of the toxins still get left over afterwards. Plus, by the time it reaches proper body temperature, the toxins will have gotten worse. So, the only real solution to this would be to start cooking with coconut oil instead. Even if you are already used to cooking with canola oil, just try using coconut oil for a change and see if you feel any different about it.

Coconut Oil Vs Olive Oil

Now, coconut oil is usually stays stable even at the highest of temperatures. In fact, it is more stable compared to olive oil, as well. Back in the day, a study was conducted where the hydrogenated form of coconut oil was use an this showed a huge cholesterol level increase in the consumers. This is how the rumors about the negative results of cooking with coconut oil first came about.

Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts

However, after Harvard scientists conduced studies with coconut oil’s non-hydrogenated form, people learned that it could actually be highly beneficial for them and doesn’t need hydrogenation in order to prevent rancidity. Also, even though it is technically a saturated fat, it still happens to be very good for the body because the fatty acids in it help the body get rid of all of the other fats.

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It also has lauric acid, which has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. How great is that? And the best part is that cooking with coconut oil will help you come up with better-tasting and better-looking food.

If you aren’t fond of the taste of coconuts, then you will also be happy to hear that some forms of coconut oil are completely tasteless. Other advantages include the fact that it is long-lasting and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It can also be used in various recipes in place of vegetable oil or butter. Plus, it can make your baked foods softer and more tender, as well.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Even the general way that you feel will change once you start using coconut oil. Just make sure you don’t get it too hot that it starts to smoke; otherwise, it could bring about various unwanted carcinogens.

Other benefits that come with cooking with coconut oil include that it can help fight herpes, protect you from heart disease, promote weight loss and regulate your thyroid functions. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to coconut oil today!

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