High-Calorie Vegetables

Having a healthy body surely becomes everyone’s dream. To get a healthy body, we must have a healthy living. Healthy living means we are not only doing healthy activities but consuming healthy foods as well. Vegetables become one of healthiest food that contains a lot of good nutrition. On the other hand, it also has low calories, so it can be the great alternative for getting the healthy diet. In fact, though many people say veggies has low calories, some veggies even contains high calories. To manage your healthy living, it is important to understand what those High-Calorie Vegetables are.

What are the High-Calorie Vegetables?

Talking about High-Calorie Vegetables, some of you might not have known some vegetable has a very high calorie. Even, some of them contain more than 100 calories. Therefore, knowing High-Calorie Vegetables can help you in managing your healthy living. Below are several vegetables with high calories.

  1. Green peas

Most green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, or broccoli normally has low calories, unlike those vegetables, green peas deliver high calories about 177 calories in each cup serving.

  1. Potato

Potato becomes almost all people’s favorite veggie. However, potato both plain potato and sweet potato has high calories. The common one provides 116 calories, and the sweet potato delivers 114 calories. Even, a potato can have higher calories when it is cooked or baked until 250 calories.


Parsnip also includes as the high calories veggie. It delivers about 100 calories in every cup serving.

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Green Cauliflower

Cauliflower certainly has loads of high nutrition, yet it contains high calories as well. This green veggie has about 134 calories.

Yellow Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is certainly a delicious veggie. However, you need to be wary due to the high calories in it. Every cup serving has 132 calories which are greater than potato.


Yam can be said as one of the highest vegetable calories. Each cup of yam can provide about 177 calories.

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