Health Benefits Of Onions And Nutrition Facts

Health benefits of onions and nutrition facts. They have been used as a vegetable since ages. The pungent nature of onion reserves a special place for it. The onion provides quality nutrition facts and also some important substances that help in very diverse health conditions. Onions have been used in medicine since ancient times.

Health benefits of onions : 

  • They are high in sulfur compounds which helps to regenerate the connective tissue in the entire body. It helps to maintain the volume and strength of connective tissue.
  • Anti-inflammatory food : Onions are one of the very potent anti-inflammatory foods. They can help in relieving allergic responses in the body. Eating onions may also benefit in inflammatory diseases like arthritis.
  • Onions seem to have some cancer preventive effect. They should be taken regularly to avail this benefit.
  • Onion is a powerful antiobacterial food. It can help in killing bacteria inside the body and even on the skin.
  • Some nutrients in onion can have cholesterol lowering effects which is great for the health of arteries and the heart. It improves circulation of blood.

Onion nutritional facts and health benefits from nutrition :

From the vitamins and minerals, it is clear that onions boost the immune system and help in formation of healthy bones. Besides these, onions are particularly rich in phenolic compounds and a wide variety of anti-oxidants. This helps to keep the body free from damage by many free radicals and may reduce the effects of premature aging.

Other uses of onion in different cultures for medicinal purposes :

  • Onion juice is used to rub on the scalp for promoting hair growth.
  • Ancient medicine systems believed that onions are great for muscles and better blood circulation.
  • Onion juice is used as an ingredient in an eye drop formulation which has been used in India since ancient times.
  • Ancient medicinal texts from Ayurveda mention the use of onions as eye wash and a tonic for the joints.
  • Rubbing onion on the skin seems to have a freshening effect on aching muscles.
  • Onion juice is also used for reducing lower back pain.
Onions and liver : Onions have been used for detoxifying the liver. Health Benefits Of Onions are great for helping the liver in clearing toxins out of the body. Onion is a tonic for the liver. As the liver performs a multitude of tasks in the body, onions assist the liver in doing them well.
Red onions and other colored onions : Red and purple colored onions have anthocyanins and other beneficial compounds in their peel. The skin of these onions should be removed carefully so that the outer layers are not scratched. This ensures that these onions retain their special nutritional value.
Onions are very versatile vegetable. They are eaten in cooked form. Used raw in salads and pickled to use at a later time. Onions pickled in vinegar taste great. They add flavor to food and alongside herbs and spices make food more appealing.
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