The Health Benefits of Pomegranate Concentrate

You would be amazed at the many health benefits of pomegranate concentrate.  In the last ten years, scientists have begun to uncover a plethora of positive health advantages. To ingesting pomegranate juices and concentrates.  Many studies are still incomplete, but the early results suggest. That the ancient pomegranate may actually be a sort of miracle fruit. That helps against a host of maladies.

Given the rich history of the health benefits of pomegranate. It is astounding that scientists are only now getting around to studying its beneficial properties.  This is a fruit so old, in fact, that some scholars believe. It was actually a pomegranate and not an apple that Eve gave Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Here are some of the benefits of pomegranate concentrate we know about so far:

Health Benefits of Pomegranate For Helps Fight Cancer

Studies have shown that health benefits of pomegranate concentrate helps fight cancer.  Pomegranates contain an enzyme that keeps the hormone androgen. From being converted into estrogen—high levels of which researchers have connected to the development of breast cancer.

Yet another study shows that drinking health benefits of pomegranate concentrate daily slows the development of prostrate cancer. Although the reason for this is not yet clear.  Other studies have suggested a similar effect on colon cancer cells. Where the polyphenols in pomegranate caused the cancerous protein cell signaling to decrease.

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Studies in mice suggest that the same slowing of cancer cell signaling may occur in both skin and lung cancer.  Human studies about health benefits of pomegranate have not yet concluded. But early results are promising.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate For Defends Fetal and Aging Brain

Studies on health benefits of pomegranate have shown promising results for the very young and the very old as well. Studies done on pregnant women showed that taking pomegranate juice during pregnancy helped defend the fetal brain against damage. And against oxygen depravation during the birth process.

Studies in mice have shown a high correlation between health benefits of pomegranate concentrate and heightened memory and mental processing.  When given pomegranate juice, mice have also shown an increased resistance to the development of Alzheimer’s.

Studies in menopausal women have also shown that health benefits of pomegranate concentrate. It can help reduce bone deterioration and the effects of depression.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate For Prevents Joint Pain

Not only this but health benefits of pomegranate juice may help the aged. Against the painful effects aging has on our bones and joints. Even more recent studies have shown that pomegranate juice inhibits. The protein Interleukin that plays a significant role in the development of joint inflammation/degradation.  Put simply, health benefits of pomegranate juice may help against the development of arthritis.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate For Helps the Heart

Some of the most impressive studies however, have shown a beneficial connection between health benefits of pomegranate and the cardiovascular system. Because pomegranate contains three major types of antioxidants—including vitamin C. Cal researchers following the lead of Israeli researchers, have shown that pomegranate concentrate can help fight arteriosclerosis. A hardening of the arteries caused by a variety of modern day pollutants. It is classified under the umbrella term of “free radicals”.

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These same anti-oxidants may play a role in reducing the level of cholesterol in the body as well.  Researchers are still due to conduct further studies.  Similar studies are underway to see if health benefits of pomegranate may also help lower high blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate For Helps Teeth

Pomegranate juice even has dental applications, health benefits of pomegranate helping to reduce the development of plaque.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate For Folk Uses

Indigenous cultures have long used pomegranate bark as a way to fight tapeworm. It may be a bit early to get overly excited about health benefits of pomegranate.  If you follow such miracle fruits and medicines. You find that researchers often get overly excited about the early results of mice studies.  As one famous researcher once quipped, “This is great, but last I checked I’m not a Canadian mouse.”.  But just in case, you might want to take your extra money. And put it into stock in a good health benefits of pomegranate producing company.