Health Benefits Of Mango And Nutrition Facts

Health benefits of mango. These utterly delicious fruits have loads of health benefits. Mango is a tree native to South East Asia. It has been grown in orchards in large quantities. Health benefits of mango is one of the most delicious. Surprisingly, it has higher Vitamin C than many citrus fruits which are good in this vitamin.

There are many varieties of mangoes which are appreciated for their exquisite taste.

Health benefits of mango and nutrition facts.

  • Mangoes have some anti-cancer activity. They can help in many cancers, most specifically in skin cancer.
  • Mango protects the night vision because it has high amount of Vitamin A, mainly beta carotene. This also helps in improving the immune system response.
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are present in mangoes. This reduces inflammation in the body and is therefore helpful in arthritis. It relieves pain in conditions that are caused by inflammation.
  • Mango provides flavonoids like quercetin, kaempferol which are anti-inflammatory and improve the functioning of the liver.
  • Mango contains catechins which are similar in structure to those found in tea. Mangoes can improve fat metabolism and reduce body fat and waist circumference.
  • Mangoes are good sources of tannins, that are also found in tea.
  • Appetite stimulation : Eating mango enhances the appetite. It increases the capability of digestive system to digest food.
  • It is a good source of Vitamin C and provides most other vitamins and minerals in small amounts.
  • Copper : It is found in good amounts in mango. Copper is used for production of red blood cells in the body. A low level of red blood cells leads to anemia. In this way, mangoes prevent anemia and keep the blood healthy.
  • Mangoes are also rich in many other phyto-nutrients. They each have some special health benefits.
  • Mango provides dietary fiber which is helpful in cleansing the colon and relieving constipation. Mango is good for the large intestine and can heal inflammatory damage caused by colitis.
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Mango has been a prominent fruit in India. It is mentioned in Ayurveda for treatment of many conditions that afflict humans.

  • Heat stroke : In tropical areas or places where there is high temperature, a person may suffer from heat stroke. Mangoes are great home remedy to relieve heat stroke and weakness.
  • Mangoes with milk is used as a natural remedy to gain weight. It is used by people who are underweight and are unable to gain weight.
  • Better functioning of the liver : Partially ripe mangoes which are sour are good for the liver.

Green mango fruit is helpful in secretion of bile. This digestive liquid flows from the liver into the digestive tract and digests fats. It is essential for digestion. Mango helps the liver in secreting good amounts of bile.

Dried mango can be eaten as a snack. One can add spices and condiments to flavor dried mango, like black pepper and some cinnamon. This unique combination is good for the body.

Mango is also believed to help in conditions like diabetes and even HIV. It is being studied for that effect. Mangoes are quite versatile. They can be taken in the form of juice or shake. They are a favorite among kids.

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