Why Health Benefits of Green Tea is Afraid of the Truth

Health Benefits of Green Tea – It’s hard in this day and age to even find someone who doesn’t know a little about the benefits associated with green tea, although most people can’t quite put a finger on what the real health benefits of green tea are. To tell the truth, there are numerous advantages to be drawn from this amazing product.

First of all, you have to understand that there isn’t just one health benefits of green tea; there are a few different types of this tea available. To give examples, some of these include gyokuro, sencha and matcha, as well as organic green tea. Each different type has its own specific health benefits of green tea.

New studies have indicated that green tea contains one of health benefits of green tea certain ingredient which can stem the growth of malignant cancer cells. Leading to a much lower incidence of cancer development in regular green tea drinkers. In fact, the National cancer Institute has even gone as far as to state that regular drinking of green tea may be able to lower the risk of esophageal cancer by close to 60 percent.

What is the ingredient that has led to these amazing medical breakthroughs? Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, is the substance in health benefits of green tea identified as being responsible for many of the positive effects and green tea benefits. It is a particularly dominant type of antioxidant. It’s been shown to lower levels of cholesterol in patients at high risk.

Green tea in fact actually comes from the same plant as black tea. The difference is in the method of processing, which gives the substance its unique flavor and these amazing medicinal properties. Let’s take a look at a few of these health benefits of green tea.

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4 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea to Diseases of the Joints

Reports have indicated that health benefits of green tea is effective in fighting other diseases, including inflammation of ligaments and joints, and rheumatoid arthritis. These types of health problems are often the result of badly functioning immune systems.

Health Benefits of Green Tea to Defense against Infections and Viruses

You might be amaze to learn the powerful health benefits of green tea in relation to preventing virus attacks on the body, as well as bacterial and fungal infections. The tea is currently at the center of intensive studies to discover new ways to prevent infections in humans.

There are clear indications that the health benefits of green tea has the ability to strengthen the immune system. And help the body combat threats such as fever, flu and diarrhea. In some cases it has even been shown to help the immune system reach a point of strength where is can survive simultaneous attacks from different diseases.

Health Benefits of Green Tea to Lower Blood Cholesterol

On top of all these other health benefits of green tea, the substance also has the effect of lowering cholesterol in the blood stream. This can encourage cardiovascular health and help prevent heart problems. This in turn helps with the prevention of developing high blood pressure which often leads to heart disease or stroke.

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Health Benefits of Green Tea to Preventing and Fighting Cancer

Researchers have now made connections between catechin in the tea and the effect of fighting off cancer. New studies into health benefits of green tea extracts showed. They help reduce the size of tumors significantly and prevent the rapid growth of other new cancer cells. There seems to be a clear connection between drinking green tea and the growth of cancer cells. These and other green tea benefits are becoming more obvious with every study that is conduct.

More About Health Benefits of Green Tea