The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The history of chocolate began with dark chocolate. In the beginning dark chocolate was mainly used for its medicinal benefits. Chocolate was only taken in the form of a drink at room temperature and not until the late 1800s or early 1900s did the first chocolate bar was made.

Who would think something like dark chocolate that most people of the modern world feared for many years would turn out to be so beneficial. They had genuine reasons for their fears because not all chocolates made today are healthy due to the fact that most of them are made in candy or confectionery form, which does no good but cause more harm to our bodies.

The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is made using the beans grown on the cacao tree. These cacao beans are known to be filled with antioxidants called flavonoids, which are members of the phenol family. The more antioxidant you have in your body the healthier your life would be.

Red wine and chocolate are the only two products to have these antioxidants, which are beneficial as they prevent bad cholesterol (LDL) in our bodies.

Every single person has free radicals circulating in his/her body; these free radicals attack healthy cells and destroy them. Some of these cells are needed to prevent us from getting harmful diseases for example, cancer. So, if cells that prevent cancer are attacked and destroyed then chances are high of us getting cancer. Hence antioxidants retained in our body’s will help fight of these free radicals to keep us fit and healthy.

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Dark chocolates have also proven to be beneficial to prevent heart diseases although studies are still being done to see the direct effects of dark chocolates on the human heart.

This being said not all chocolates have the levels of antioxidants that we need to stay healthy particularly milk chocolates, so if you want to start eating chocolates make sure it is dark chocolates as they are the real ones known to have high contents of these antioxidants.

You must remember, the darker the chocolate and the more concentrated it is the better it is for consumption with of course other nutritious foods. You cannot and should not live only on dark chocolates to remain healthy.

Dark chocolates might not cure all of our diseases but it sure does prevent some.

There were some tests carried out by Italian scientists in Italy on dark chocolates and other chocolates. They gave few people dark chocolates and few other chocolates. After a period of time they tested both groups and found out that people who ate dark chocolates had lower blood pressure compared to those who ate other chocolates.

The dark chocolate health benefits are being known through many marketing strategies, so that people start living healthy and fit lives. Governments are also encouraging this as they believe the stronger the people the stronger the nation will be.

Dark chocolate also aids in combating fatigue problems. So next time you feel tired and wasted have some dark chocolate to revive your lost energies.

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