Why Health Benefits Of Carrots Ain’t as Good as it Used to Be

Health benefits of carrots, calories and nutrition facts. We all love carrots because they are delicious, crunchy and full of health goods. Carrots have long been eaten for their nutritional qualities and because they protect vision. People who start to develop problems in seeing in night  up the carrot intake because they cure night blindness. Carrots offer loads of other benefits besides vision.

Health benefits of carrots :

  • Vision protection : Carrots have excellent amount of Vitamin A. This way it prevents night blindness.
  • Constipation : Carrots are excellent for relieving constipation. They have a huge amount of water and fiber which bulks up the stool. People who suffer from chronic constipation can benefit a lot by eating raw carrots.
  • Cardiovascular disease : Eating specifically dark yellow or orange carrots has a brilliant protective effect on the cardiovascular system. It prevents many heart diseases and blood vessel diseases.
  • Colon cancer : Certain special nutrients in carrots have been identified to prevent the growth of colon cancer. This cancer is quite common and can be prevented by eating carrots regularly.
  • Digestive support : Carrots are a great help to the digestive system. They help in relieving common problems associated with digestion, like flatulence and bloating. Carrots are carminative in nature, this means they help to expel gas from the intestines, relieving bloating.
  • Carrots kill intestinal parasites. This is a simple and quite effective remedy to get rid of worms in the intestine. All you have to do is eat a good amount of carrots.
  • Carrots are good for throat problems, more specifically in tonsillitis. They relieve the sharp pain and swelling in tonsil inflammation that makes swallowing and even drinking water a pain.
  • Carrots are excellent for the skin. Regular consumption of carrots makes the skin softer and better. Carrots may also cause the skin color to turn a shade orange because of the large amounts of beta carotene in it.
  • Carrots are great for oral health. They clean the teeth, tongue and protect the gums from deficiency disease.
  • Hydration : Carrots can relieve dehydration because they have a large amounts of water in them. Chewing carrots or drinking their juice helps the cells to gain water and stay hydrated.
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Carrots nutrition facts and value because of it :

There are about 25 calories in a small serving of carrots.

  • Vitamin A : Carrots provide all the forms of Vitamin A, like beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients prevent night blindness due to deficiency of Vitamin A. They also boost immunity.
  • They are a good source of Vitamin B 6 and minerals like potassium and manganese. Carrots also provide other nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, some amounts of protein and minerals like Phosphorus, Zinc, Sodium, Calcium and Iron.

Carrots come in many colors Рred, pink, purple, orange, yellow. They can be eaten cooked, steamed or raw. Depending on the method of preparation, nutrient concentration varies. However, steaming carrots preserves the most amount of nutrients.  Carrots are great for people of all ages, including kids and dogs. Pets that are fed carrots can be much healthier and many of the common health complaints may disappear.