How Health Benefits of Beets Can Help You Live a Better Life

Health benefits of beets have been regarded as a very healthy food since ancient times for its ability to relieve blood disorders. Beets are deep red and they have a blood like juice. They are eaten in many forms – cooked, as salad, as juice and many more. Beet greens are also used as vegetable. Red beets have popular among people since ancient times.

Health Benefits of Beets

  • Beetroot prevents heart disease. Health benefits of beets contains a nutrient known as betaine which has the ability to prevent a heart disease when other nutrients too are present.
  • Beets are a prominent source of nitrates in diet. This┬áhealth benefits of beets helps in regulating breathing better and helps the person to be able to withhold breathing for longer times.
  • Beets help in reducing the blood pressure of the body when we are relaxing or sleeping. This helps in preventing the harmful effects of high blood pressure.
  • Beets exert a positive effect on the liver. This┬áhealth benefits of beets helps the liver to flush out toxins. Beets are helpful in a disease of the liver known as fatty liver.
  • Beetroot can improve the performance of athletes and sportsperson.
  • Beets contain a good amount of a nutrient called tryptophan. This health benefits of beets helps in modulating sleep and other functions of the biological clock of the body, like the routine of sleeping, waking, defecation etc.
  • Health benefits of beets juice is helpful in constipation because it helps in easier bowel movement.
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Health Benefits of Beets Due to its Wonderful Nutrition :

  • Beets are a great source of Folate, Manganese, Dietary fiber and other minerals like iron, potassium etc.

Other special health benefits of beets are :

  • Anti-inflammatory in nature : Beets are a strong anti-inflammatory food. Health benefits of beets are useful in nearly all diseases which are caused by inflammation in the body.
  • Beets have the ability to prompt the body to release out toxins. The main task of kidneys is this. However, health benefits of beets nutrients work at cellular level, helping the cells to detoxify themselves.
  • Beets also have some natural sugars which help the liver in storing energy in concentrated form, which can be utilized at a later stage. This sugar however does not cause problems for diabetes patients. In fact , health benefits of beets are helpful in diabetes because its other nutrients help in keeping blood sugar levels low.

Many of the health benefits of beets are enjoyed even in pickled beets. However, juicing beets and preparing vegetable can provide more nutrients.

Health benefits of beet greens :

  • Health benefits of beets are good source of Vitamin K in diet which helps in clotting function of blood. Vitamin K also prevents mental conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Ancient medicinal uses of health benefits of beets : People of ancient civilizations perhaps used beet for improving blood composition, curing anemia and to relieve fevers. Beet was used as a laxative too when taken as a red soup. Beet soup has popular since the times of the ancient Romans and is quite popular in Russia.
  • Beets have one issue. health benefits of beets are high in oxalates. These compounds are known to cause kidney stones. One can get over this by taking lemon juice with beets to break down those kidney stones early on.