Health Benefits Of Bananas : Red , Green And Peel

They are the most popular source of energy for people of all ages – kids, adults and even the elderly. Bananas provide quick energy, just like sugarcane or beetroot. But, there are many more health benefits of bananas which prove that it has got lot more to offer than just plain energy. The most common form of bananas are the green ones but there is a special variety which is red in color.

Health Benefits of Bananas :

  • Potassium : Bananas are a great source of potassium which is much less available in diet than sodium, mainly because processed and packaged foods mainly have a small amount of salt. Both sodium and potassium are electrolytes and enable the conduction ( transmission ) of messages through the nerves and prevent stroke
  • Health benefits of bananas help in relieving constipation : health benefits of bananas have dietary fiber and they form smooth bulk in the colon. They can be taken with milk for added benefit. They relieve constipation.
  • Health benefits of bananas help in relieving weakness and cramps in diarrhea : Whenever a person suffers from diarrhea, he or she is susceptible to weakness and muscle cramps. Eating bananas during that time and drinking tea can combat the effects of diarrhea.
  • They help in growth and bone formation : health benefits of bananas have the ability to improve the absorption of calcium from food by intestines. When there is more calcium in the body, bones grow well and dense.
  • Health benefits of bananas prevent kidney cancer : They seem to have a protective effect on the kidneys and thus reduce the risk of developing kidney cancer at a later stage. The kidneys are a vital organ and any problem to them can put a person on dialysis.
  • Eating bananas with milk helps in reducing stomach ulcers. They both have an alkaline effect that neutralizes excess acid in stomach. Health benefits of bananas also prevents heartburn and improves digestion.
  • Nutrition In Banana : They provide about 90 calories per 100 gram serving. Within this, health benefits of bananas offer good amount of Vitamin B 6 and other vitamins and minerals. Most of the banana is carbohydrates. It can quickly replenish the body’s reserves of energy.
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Many people wonder whether bananas are fattening. Well, there is no conclusive evidence but the health benefits of bananas are evident. Therefore, eating a moderate number of bananas a day is going to contribute to better health.

Health Benefits of Bananas Peel

Banana peel is also eaten in certain cultures. It is either fried or it is boiled in water and then that water is taken. Health benefits of bananas peel is rich in nutrients which improve mood because it helps in synthesis of serotonin in body. Banana peel is also great for the skin.

  • Reduces itching and inflammation : Health benefits of bananas peel is soothing for the skin. It can be apply to reduce itching caused by mosquito bites, hives etc.
  • Applying health benefits of bananas peel is a simple remedy for depressing warts.
  • Health benefits of bananas peel is use to reduce pimples, acne and other inflammatory spots.
  • It is also use for whitening teeth. Apply the inside of health benefits of bananas peel on the teeth for some time and they would whiten slightly in a single application.

A surprising use of health benefits of bananas peel is clean water off heavy metals. Banana peel has certain affinity for toxic metals and it takes away these metals with itself, thus making the water clean. There is a special variety of bananas which have red color of the skin and inside flesh is cream color. They called red bananas. They have slightly different taste but health benefits of bananasĀ  are pretty much the same.