Facts About Health Benefits Of Avocado That’ll Keep You Up at Night

Avocado fruit is native to Central America and is widely consumed in the American subcontinent as well as outside, Avocado is even more famous for its oil, which is wonderful for  the hair and skin. There are certain distinctive health benefits of avocado fruit and oil for better health and reducing disease.

Health Benefits of Avocado :

  • For reducing excess fat : Avocado is mainly composed of healthy fats , mainly omega fatty acids and some amount of saturated fat. However health benefits of avocado has unique fatty acid composition helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and trigylceride levels in the body. It thus promotes weight loss in the body and reduces deposition of cholesterol in arteries. Health benefits of avocado is great for heart health and can reduce the risk of developing a heart disease.
  • Nutrition from Avocado : Eat an avocado a day and you are going to get health benefits of avocado like potassium, Vitamin B 6, Vitamin A, Vitamin B 5, Folate and healthy fats. For better health, Health benefits of avocado is important to get healthy fats.
  • Brain health : The omega fatty acids and other nutrients from health benefits of avocado are excellent for the brain. They help in keeping the brain sharper and healthier.
  • Avocado is slightly antibacterial in nature, helping to fight bacterial infection in the body.
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Health Benefits of Avocado Oil :

  • Edible oil : Health benefits of avocado oil is one of the few oils which is edible. It can be added directly to foods to get the health benefits. One of health benefits of avocado oil can use the cold pressed avocado oil because it has the flavor of avocado. Rest all oils may not have avocado flavor.
  • High in Vitamin E : Avocado oil is high in Vitamin E.
  • Great for skin and hair : Health benefits of avocado oil has been use since centuries by ancient American civilizations for healthier skin. It is absorb very well by the skin and nourishes it. Health benefits of avocado oil helps the hair to stay hydrated and prevents them from losing moisture, thus avoiding frizz.
  • Great for cooking purpose : Avocado oil has high smoke point which makes it a good cooking oil.

Health Benefits of Avocado Seed or The Pit ( as it is call ) :

  • It has got a higher concentration of nutrients than the fruit, but one should not eat a large amount of seeds at a time because they may be slightly toxic.
  • A smoothie which has an avocado pit contains a good amount of dietary fiber which helps in digestive tract disorders.
  • Health benefits of avocado seed also contains a good amount of antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves

Avocado leaves have also been use as a herbal medicine to treat cold and flu. They are also use for the herbal treatment of kidney stones by drinking their infusion in hot water. A tea made using avocado leaf is helpful in diarrhea, bloating and in expelling abdominal gas.  One of health benefits of avocado is the best moisturizers and is use in face masks and skin masks with other hydrating ingredients like cucumber, watermelon or yogurt.

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