How the Sequester Affects Health Benefits of Asparagus

This is a vegetable is well known and eaten in many parts of the world. It is cooked very quickly. Asparagus provides many health benefits. It is quite popular in Europe. One of health benefits of asparagus  is very low in calories and is therefore great for a weight loss diet. In ancient times, it was also use as medicine.

Health Benefits of Asparagus :

  • Antioxidants : Asparagus spears are a good source of antioxidants. These antioxidants in health benefits of asparagus can protect the cells of the body from oxidative damage.
  • Health benefits of asparagus for heart health. By eating asparagus regularly keep the blood free from toxins and chemicals. Which are identified and known to lead to heart disease.
  • Lowering high blood pressure. Asparagus has good amount of potassium and no sodium. Health benefits of asparagus balances the concentration of electrolytes ( sodium and potassium ). Sodium is the primary cause of high blood pressure.
  • Health benefits of asparagus for gout : Asparagus that is juicy can help the kidneys flush out uric acid, the substance which causes gout. Asparagus can also be juiced and taken along with food, besides chewing asparagus stalks.
  • Powerful diuretic : health benefits of asparagus is a good diuretic. It helps the kidneys to process more and make more urine. This leads to more frequent urination. It is well known that eating asparagus causes a foul smelling urine.
  • Health benefits of asparagus for Relieves constipation. If you suffer from constipation, then consuming large amount of asparagus can be helpful. Health benefits of asparagus provides lot of fiber and creates bulk in the stool.
  • Healthy connective tissue. As we age, the connective tissue in skin and fascia may disintegrate, leading to weak and saggy skin. Eating health benefits of asparaguss can help in the synthesis of collagen which keeps the skin and connective tissue intact.
  • Reduces fatigue : health benefits of asparagus helps to flush out ammonia from the body. This ammonia is a major cause of fatigue in the human body. This way, asparagus relieves fatigue and can make the person feel more energetic.
  • Health benefits of asparagus may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Health benefits of asparagus also may prevent the occurrence of glaucoma, a condition of the eyes in which vision becomes blur and there is not enough clarity in vision.
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Asparagus Nutrition Facts :

  • Health benefits of asparagus is an excellent source of Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Folate.
  • It is also a good source of Vitamin C and Iron. The presence of both vitamin C and Iron helps in health benefits of asparagus is better absorption of iron.
  • Health benefits of asparagus also provides some amount of other vitamin, minerals and specifically selenium and choline.
  • Health benefits of asparagus provides prebiotics. These are special nutrients which are use by probiotics in colon and help in better colon health.

A variety of asparagus is the wild asparagus. It grows in India and is know as Shatavari. This is not eaten as vegetable, but is use in herbal medicine according to Ayurveda. This health benefits of asparagus is known as a tonic for men and women both. It alleviates fatigue and improves the functioning of the hormonal system of both women and men.

Asparagus should be use quickly when you have purchased it. Because it may lose its nutrients and health benefits of asparagus. It provides only 20 calories for 100 grams. So, it can easily fill the stomach and still be very few calories. This way, it can be use in a weight loss diet.

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