Health Benefits Of Garlic : Raw Cloves And Scapes

Health benefits of garlic : raw cloves and scapes. There are numerous benefits of garlic as obtained from studies as well as from ancient medicinal texts and folklore. Garlic is beneficial in a lot of ailments and it has long been used as an antibiotic, that is it works against bacteria, viruses and other organisms. These are the health benefits of garlic cloves.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

  • Garlic kills microbes : That is why garlic is helpful in getting rid of candida infection, thrush and all kinds of bacterial infections in the body. It may also be helpful in viral infections like hepatitis.
  • Garlic has been used since ages as an expectorant and to relieve the symptoms of cold and cough. Along with ginger, it forms a potent home remedy for cold. Ginger helps in expelling phlegm from the body. It helps in keeping the body warm.
  • Garlic is capable of reducing blood pressure in people who have high blood pressure. Therefore it can prevent the harmful effects of high blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Lowering Cholesterol : Garlic has been believed to lower the level of cholesterol in blood thereby preventing heart disease.
  • Garlic has been known to be a potent anti-septic and has been used by people who receive wounds that have the risk of developing gangrene.
  • Garlic is also helpful in keeping the concentration of lipids in blood under control.
  • Garlic helps in regulating the level of blood sugar in the body. Thus, it helps in diabetes.
  • Cancer Prevention : Consuming a bit of garlic every day has the ability to prevent most types of cancers. However, its effects on killing cancer cells are not well known. But, it is possible that garlic may be capable of killing those cancerous cells.
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The Health Benefits Of Garlic in diabetes and heart disease are one of the most significant benefits in condition that require expenditure of a lot of money. If these diseases can be prevented or regulated with garlic, then it is helpful in saving money.

Garlic scapes : These are the thin curls of green stem of garlic which is eaten as vegetable. It improves the oxygen concentration of body due to its green color and prevents cancer as well.

Health Benefits Of Garlic from its nutrition :

  • Garlic has good amount of Vitamin C. This keeps the immune system working well, thus preventing frequent infections.
  • It also contains good amount of B Vitamins, Manganese, Phosphorus and Zinc.
Garlic is also useful in keeping pests and flies off from crops and trees.There is some buzz that garlic is helpful in weight loss, but this has not been validated. There are many other things which really help in weight loss.
Health benefits of garlic for dogs : Garlic is helpful for dogs similar to how it helps us. It should however be given in very small quantity and always in cooked form.Garlic should be eaten in moderation and one should take just one clove of it at a time. Do not take garlic clove more than three times a day. Raw garlic clove is more potent but more pungent too. It can harm the mouth and skin of the gastrointestinal tract. High amounts of garlic may cause allergy or toxicity.