Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate And Milk Chocolate

Health benefits of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. We all love chocolate. Many people wonder whether dark chocolate is good for health. The dark chocolate has cocoa solids in it. These cocoa solids are the ones that provide the excellent health benefits of dark chocolate. However the health benefits can be counter acted by the  high amount of sugar in chocolate.

Health benefits of dark chocolate :

  • Blood pressure : Chocolate has the ability to lower blood pressure. This helps to prevent the negative effects of high blood pressure. Excessive pressure of blood flow is harmful for the organs. Dark chocolate has high amounts of potassium  and very low amounts of sodium.
  • Heart disease : It has been seen that consumption of dark chocolate is related to lower risk of heart disease. People who are at risk of heart disease can get this benefit and reduce the risk.
  • Dark chocolate is good for better blood circulation.
  • Better thinking and cognition : Dark chocolate is believed to be good for thinking prowess. It is believed to calm the brain.
  • Diarrhea : Chocolate can reduce the after effects of diarrhea by calming the intestine. It provides energy and electrolytes in that period.
  • Chocolate can reduce frequent coughing in respiratory tract infections.
  • Antioxidants : Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants because of cocoa solids. These have a protective effect on the cells of the body.
  • Stress : Chocolate can help in relieving stress and anxiety. Consuming dark chocolate and black coffee can be a great help in case of emotional stress.
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Besides these well known health benefits of dark chocolate, there are many other medicinal effects of chocolate which have been utilized by people of ancient times. Dark chocolate essentially contains cacao solids.

  • Chocolate can help in case of fever. This has been used as an ancient remedy for fever. Chocolate was very highly priced in ancient times.
  • Anemia : Dark chocolate is helpful in anemia. It can prompt the body to improve blood composition and reduce paleness of skin.
  • Gout : This inflammatory disease affects the joints and causes sharp pain. Chocolate may help in alleviating gout symptoms.
  • Dark chocolate is good for the nervous system.

Benefits of chocolate due to caffeine and other special nutrients in cocoa solids.

  • Dark chocolate helps to dilate the blood vessels. This has many benefits for the body.
  • Cocoa solids are excellent in nutrition. This powder provides more than 100 % of daily requirement of Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus and small amounts of some other nutrients.

Health benefits of milk chocolate :

This chocolate has milk solids and some amounts of cocoa solids. This chocolate is a good source of milk protein. It also has some amino acids as well. Besides that, there are hardly any prominent health benefits of milk chocolate. Most of the benefits are actually due to the cocoa solids.

Chocolate has its side effects too. Chocolate has sugar and fat. Consuming large amounts of sugar and fats is known to cause obesity which puts a person at risk for many cardiovascular diseases and poor overall health.

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