What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Green Tea Nutrition Facts

Green tea is a fantastic health drink to sip on every day. A new day should started with a health drink. Which is so beneficial for you. By knowing the rich properties of the ingredients present in green tea nutrition facts. It tremendously contributes to perform body’s immune system.

Green Tea Nutrition Facts

There are various green tea nutrition facts, which tell us about healthy green tea is after all!

  • The amount of caffeine is present in green tea nutrition facts. It is very low as compared to other beverages like coffee and black tea. Excessive consumption of caffeine is hence, out of the question.
  • Green tea is a calorie-free beverage. Which has water as its most integral part, and water helps in body hydration. So several cups of green tea a day, means loads of water for your body.
  • Green tea nutrition facts are free of calories as it has no sweeteners and hence it is always a better choice for the health!
  • Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. That making it an absolute source of nutrition.
  • A cup of green tea a day, can successfully keep several problems away! Green tea is good for the body in ways more than one. And green tea nutrition facts show the extent to which it can benefit your overall body system!
  • Weight loss: Green tea nutrition facts burns the fat in the body and boosts the metabolism rate. And helping in the loss of body weight.
  • Cancer: Green tea nutrition facts is very effective in preventing cancer, as its vital elements. And help in protecting the vulnerable cells.
  • Bones: The fluoride content in green tea nutrition facts helps in keeping bones strong and preserves the bone density.
  • Oral health: The fluoride in green tea also contributes to greater oral health as it fights gum problems, bad breath and cavities. And keeps the tooth enamel strong.
  • Heart disease: Heart related problems easily kept away with green tea nutrition facts. As it lowers the level of cholesterol and thus prevent heart diseases and strokes.
  • Skin: Wrinkling or aging of the skin can be prevented with green tea nutrition facts, because the anti-oxidants present in it are known to protect the skin from harmful effects.
  • Blood sugar: Blood sugar levels do increase with age, but the flavonoids present in green tea  help lowering it.
  • Immunity: The components of green tea nutrition facts help in making the immune system stronger and the resistant to infections. Stronger the immunity, lesser the problems!
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Green Tea Nutrition Facts Is Recommended To Keep Us Fits

Green tea nutrition facts tell us this is one such beverage which is highly recommended as a daily drink. Because it helps in making the overall body system strong. So you can be healthier than before! Green tea is consume all over the world and has polyphenols and anti-oxidants which are supremely beneficial for the body.

Remember health is wealth, and green tea nutrition facts is amazing and that will keep you fit always!

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