Green Tea Nutrition – Top 10 Benefits

With the ever increasing popularity of green tea we share the top ten green tea nutrition facts so you can discover if this is just another health fad shrouded in hype, or if there are real benefits to making this your beverage of choice or using supplements.

Green Tea Nutrition

Why green tea is old news – While the massive increase in popularity for the consumption of green tea all over the world has been due to the relatively recent awareness in the western world, the Chinese have enjoyed the incredible health benefits for over 5000 years.

It is not just a beverage of choice, but has been an integral part of Chinese medicine. They have used it to treat a plethora of illness ranging from headaches to depression.

Powerful antioxidants – The remarkable effects of green tea nutrition, lie in the fact of it being packed with compounds called Catechin Polyphenols, specifically Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is a proven and powerful antioxidant. The effects of this is like armor against attacking illnesses.

Green Tea Vs. Ordinary Tea

What makes green tea so special compared to other teas? – Although black teas, oolong and green all come from Camellia Sinenesis plant, it is the unique way of processing which holds the secret to why green tea is special.

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The green tea leaves are steamed, which stops the Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) from being oxidized, as apposed to black or oolong tea leaves which are extracted from fermented leaves.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Losing weight

The effects of green tea on weight loss have probably been the primary reason for it’s surging popularity, especially in the USA where obesity has reached epidemic proportions. The EGCG increases your bodies metabolism rate and results in burning calories much faster than usual.

However, you should bear in mind that popping a few green tea pills while you have fatty burgers and tape your backside to a couch will not in itself help you lose weight. What it does instead is help you shed a lot more pounds by doing the same daily activities you do otherwise.

Fights and prevents cancer

The effects of green tea on cancer has come to light recently through various medical studies conducted in the US and elsewhere. It’s been discovered, the molecule known as aryl hydrocarbon (AH) receptor which often play a role in propagating harmful genes which results in cancer, gets shut down by the chemicals in green tea.

Researchers found this fact to explain why people who consume green tea, or green tea supplements, were less likely to develop cancer. Besides halting the growth of cancer cells, it kills the cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Balances cholesterol levels

The antioxidant content of green tea has proved effective in reducing the LDL(bad cholesterol) preventing blood clots which result in heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis. In addition, it not only bumps up your HDL (good cholesterol) but creates an excellent balance between the two which is crucial to good health.

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Cardiovascular diseases

In the Journal Of American Medical Association (sep 13 issue) a study of 40,000 people was published , which clearly showed a dramatic reduction in deaths from cardiovascular diseases by up to 16%. The shielding effects of green tea was found to be stronger in women than men and particularly effective in reducing the risk of strokes.

Prevents tooth decay

The Polyphenols in green tea have been known to destroy bacteria and viruses which result in teeth, gum and throat infections as well as bad breath by killing the organisms that cause disease.

Fancy looking younger? – The Polyphenols contained in green tea have been well documented for slowing down the aging of skin, making you look younger for longer. However, it is unlikely that it can actually eradicate wrinkles and skin sags.

Benefit without drinking

An important point to note is for you to enjoy the powerful effects of green tea, having the occasional cup is not going to prove useful. It is recommended two consume at least two cups a day. However, you can get all the benefits of green tea nutrition without having to make it the beverage of your choice.

We all know how much we love our coffee kickstart. What is important is to pour in all the great attributes of green tea nutrition in your body which green tea provides. The recommended option is to start yourself on Enhanced green tea, as shown on CNN and CBS News.

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