Green Tea Health Benefits For Body And Mind

Green tea health benefits contains a broad spectrum of calming, relaxing and healing substances. Green tea is specifically used to combat psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

A Balanced Profile

Green tea health benefits contains psychoactive substances which are combined in a unique way.

  • It contains quite a lot of caffeine which, in contrast to other drinks containing caffeine, affects the brain more than the cardiovascular system. Green tea with its high content of tannic acid, prevents excessive levels of caffeine in the blood.
  • The thiamine in green tea ensures that our brain cells do not lack energy.  It controls stress by protecting the nervous system against over stimulation.
  • The essential oils in green tea provide a pleasant aroma but they also ensure that we feel well and helps reduce tension in our muscles.  They function as a mild narcotic and can aid the nervous system by detaching negative moods and thoughts.

A matter of patience

To experience the full range of tastes and therapeutic possibilities of tea, you have to take your time. Just bringing the leaves out, spreading them in the pot, watching them float in the water, pouring the tea into preheated cups and finally drinking it in small sips – all these rituals have a calming effect and enable us to forget the world around us and to concentrate on out inner selves.

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Enjoy the pleasures of life

Taste plays an important role in our cognitive capacity.  If your taste buds become dull, you will lose the ability to appreciate the subtleties and varieties of life.  Green tea, with its four hundred aromatic substances, are exactly what we need to revive our taste buds.  You can improve both the sense for beautiful things and a sense of taste with the help of green tea.

How Green Tea Health Benefit Strengthen The Mind

  • It makes our mind more flexible, permits unusual thought combinations, and increases the imagination.
  • It stimulates and raises our attentiveness without making us nervous.
  • It improves our judgment and enable us view things in a more relaxed and patient way and to reach conclusions after careful analysis and consideration.
  • It sharpens our eyes, allowing us to see the differences.

Green Tea Health Benefits For The Body

Green tea is a plant with an ancient tradition, profound symbolism, and a strong philosophical content.  Each of these contributes to our well being.

  • Strengthens the heart and circulation
  • Defense against infections
  • Effective against cancer
  • Aid for digestion
  • Prevents teeth and bone diseases
  • Relief for diabetes

More About Green Tea Health Benefits