Green Tea Frappuccino Nutrition

Who doesn’t know green tea? This drink that has a strong flavor and has loads of benefits to our body is one of the most favorite tea in this world. Green tea, as it has been mention before, has a broad and unique taste hat sets it apart from other teas has a distinctive. Most people know that it comes from an anime country, Japan, and yes it is, this beneficial tea comes from Japan. People like to drink it in many kinds of ways; some people like it hot and some guys like it cold. It is based on your preference. Individuals who like to drink it cold, mostly like to blend it, and it still has an intense flavor. This kind of drink is called Green Tea Frappuccino. This drink has a lot of nutrition, to figure the Green Tea Frappuccino Nutrition, you better keep on reading this article.

As you may acknowledge, Green Tea, has a strong intensity, to soften up, people in the coffee shop who make Green Tea Frappuccino usually added some milk and sugar to it. To be surprised, the result is pretty much refreshing, and also, the taste is pretty similar to green tea ice cream. It’s quite nice on a hot summer’s day. Besides refreshing, Green Tea Frappuccino also has a good Nutrition. So, here’s the Green Tea Frappuccino Nutrition:

Green Tea Frappuccino Nutrition

  • Calories – 420 (from Fat – 40)
  • Fat – 4g (Saturated Fat – 2g)
  • Sodium – 310mg
  • Carbs – 88g (Sugar – 86g)
  • Protein – 8g
  • Caffeine – 100mg
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To sum it up, based on the Green Tea Frappuccino Nutrition, it is a nice drink if you drink it once a month or maybe twice. The sweet and slightly bitter green tea makes people obsessed with this cold drink. It also can be topped with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream if you like.

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