Green Leafy Vegetables Nutrition Facts

Green leafy vegetables are considered one of the healthiest vegetables which also you can get them for the inexpensive price. The organic ones would be better to consume because they have a defensive response from bugs bitten. It is better for you to consume at least one serving of green leafy vegetables monthly to reduce glaucoma risk by 69%. The below are going to be several green leafy vegetables nutrition facts.

Green Leafy Vegetables Nutrition Facts

Spinach Benefits

Spinach is a home for many phytonutrients which have the function to promotion health and prevent disease. This vegetable has very low fats and calories. Therefore, the dieticians recommend people to consume spinach for weight reduction programs and controlling cholesterol. It is because spinach contains a good amount of soluble dietary fiber. Your body needs an essential trace element to produce red blood cell which is iron. You can get about 25% of daily intake of iron by consuming 100 g fresh spinach. Iron can also be a co-factor for an oxidation-reduction enzyme during the cellular metabolism.

Lettuce Benefits

This vegetable is considered as one of the very low-calorie green vegetables which are 15 calories for 100 g fresh lettuce leaves. You can find a lot of vitamins in lettuce. Lettuce fresh leaves are the source of several beta carotenes and vitamin A. You need vitamin A for maintaining healthy skin, mucosa, and vision. Have a good amount consumption of vegetables which are rich in flavonoids like lettuce also helps to protect your body from oral cavity and lung cancers. Lettuce leaves also have other green leafy vegetables nutrition facts. They are rich in vitamin K which is good for increasing bone mass. Also, it has the function to limiting neuronal damage in the brain which is Alzheimer disease.

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Kale Benefits

One of green leafy vegetables nutrition facts of kale is to protect your body against colon and prostate cancers because it contains health-promoting sulforaphane, indole-3-carbinol, and phytochemicals. Indole-3-carbinol is an active immune modulator, antiviral, antibacterial agent through its function of potentiating “Interferon-Gamma” receptors.

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