Grapefruit Calories: Add More Energy, Shed Pounds

Let’s talk about grapefruit calories. Now, how much energy you can gain from them is clearly dependent on the amount of serving. You can refer to the list below:

Grapefruit Calories

  • The calories in grapefruit juice (one cup section of grapefruits with juice or 230 grams) will yield 74 calories.
  • A ½ large grape fruit (166 grams) will yield 53 calories.
  • A ½ medium grape fruit (128 grams) will yield 41 calories.
  • A ½ small grape fruit (100 grams) will yield 32 calories.

The raw red and pink grapefruits that you can pick on Arizona, California, and other states can provide you the following grapefruit calories:

  • A one cup section of grapefruits with juice (230 grams) will yield 85 calories.
  • A ½ fruit (123 grams) will yield 46 calories.
  • A ½ Florida red or pink grapefruit will yield 37 calories.
  • A ½ California white grapefruit will yield 44 calories.
  • A ½ Florida white grapefruit will yield 38 calories.

Understanding Grapefruit Nutrition

The calories in grapefruit make the fruit an excellent addition to your everyday diet. This is because it becomes a lot easier for you to maintain your weight. The low grapefruit calories mean that your body will be capable of burning fat a lot faster.

There are also other benefits that you can gain from nutrition in grapefruit:

It contains enough fiber needed by the body

Just like any other fruit, grapefruits contain fibers. These are those that are not really used by the body, but they are still helpful since they tend to hold water and remove excess wastes and toxins. Besides grapefruit calories, the fruit also possesses six grams of fiber, which is enough to reduce constipation and the development of colon cancer. The half portion of it, which is soluble, can lower down the cholesterol level and promotes healthier heart.

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Grapefruits are good for the heart

If you’re suffering from heart problems, you may want to increase your grapefruit calories. The fruits have very low saturated fat content, which means there are lesser risks of increasing your cholesterol level. Of course when you have low cholesterol, you will reduce the possibility of developing plaque in your arteries and blockage in your blood vessels, which will then lead to heart attack.

Grapefruit calories can increase your metabolism

If you want to lose weight, you have to choose fruits and vegetables that can improve your metabolism or the ability of the body to burn calories. Grapefruit contains high level of water, which will be the boost that you need for your metabolism.

It has high dose of vitamin C

A grapefruit can have as much as 40 mg of vitamin C. This means that you will probably keep yourself safe from infection because you have stronger immune system. It will also encourage healthier-looking skin and easier healing of your wounds.

Knowing the grapefruit calories and the vitamins and minerals you can get out of them allow you to appreciate the fruit more.