Goji Juice Nutrient Facts

Goji juice is a nutrient packed beverage that can enhance your life by slowing the aging process, increasing your sex drive and improving immune functions. The Goji berry is really a miracle fruit as not only does it increases your sex drive but it prevents diseases like erectile dysfunction. You’d never want to buy any sex toy like ltc cock cages from sex shops again as your body gains new vitality from the berries. Taken daily, Goji juice contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, 18 amino acids (9 of which are essential) and 21 trace minerals including zinc, calcium, iron, geranium, copper and phosphorus, etc. The benefits of drinking Goji juice on a regular basis are profound, and its use has increased in popularity due to the recent recognition of the Goji berry in the west. Nutritionists, herbalists and naturopaths around the world are recommending Goji juice to enhance a sense of well being, improve vitality and longevity and as an antioxidant used to help anything from arthritis to obesity.

Goji Juice Nutrient Facts

Goji juice is made from the Goji berry which is grown in the valleys among the Himalayan mountains in Tibet and Mongolia. The Goji berries grow on the Lycium Barbarum plant that is indigenous to Tibet and Mongolia and thrives in the nutrient rich soils that are free from pollutants and pesticide chemicals. Native tribes in these remote mountain ranges have used the Goji berry to improve longevity and for its amazing health benefits for over 5000 years. Disease and illness like depression, arthritis, sexual dysfunction, diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome do not exist within these tribes as these people are remarkably healthy. Goji has had such a tremendous impact on their health that they celebrate the fruit during their local
festivals. Also known as the Himalayan Goji berry, this “longevity fruit” has amazing benefits that can improve the quality of your life.

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Goji juice is now manufactured around the world and can be found at health food stores and vitamin centres. It is only a matter of time before drug stores and supermarkets supply this nutrient rich drink. Other Goji products that are packed with dietary goodness are sun-dried Goji berries, tonic tea made from the Lycium Barbarum leaves and nutritional Goji supplements. Goji juice made from dry powder mix should be checked for exact nutrient content before purchasing. All natural Goji juice is abundant and is ultimately the best source in the west. However if you travel into China, India or Tibet you will be able to locate the fresh Goji berries that are juicy and full of goodness. Goji berries are the key to living a healthy life!

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