Why Fresh Raw Broccoli Nutrition Facts Ain’t as Good as it Used to Be

For vegetables’ lovers, you probably want to know more about fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts, especially the fresh raw ones. With its attractive green color and unique flower heads, this member of cabbage family surely not only good to fulfill our daily nutrition need, but also pretty helpful to offer some benefits for maintaining our health.

Fresh Raw Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Actually, you have several choices to serve your broccoli, though it’s better to just enjoy the fresh and raw, instead of the cooked, drained or boiled ones. Well, simply to make sure that you can optimize your nutrition intake from fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts,. These are the list of nutrition you can get if you choose the fresh and raw broccoli.

(Fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts value per 100 gram)

  • The principle nutrient values contained in fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts is including these: 34 Kcal energies; 6.64 gram Carbohydrates; 2.82 gram protein; 0.37 gram total fat; 2.60 gram dietary fiber; and 0 mg cholesterol.
  • Fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts can also offers you several vitamins that will be very good for your health, such as, 63 µgram folate, 0.639 mg niacin, 0.573 mg pantothenic acid, 0.175 mg pyridoxine, 0.117 mg riboflavin, 0.071 mg thiamin, 623 IU vitamin A, 89.2 mg vitamin C, 0.17 mg vitamin E, and 101.6 µgram.
  • To make broccoli even fuller of nutrition facts, it becomes the source of 33 mg sodium and 316 potassium. Moreover, it completes the list of its nutrient values in fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts,with 47 mg calcium, 0.049 mg copper, 0.73 mg iron, 21 mg magnesium, 0.210 mg manganese, 2.5 µg selenium, 0.41 mg zinc, 361 µg carotene-β, 1 µg crypto-xanthin-β, and 1403 µg lutein zeaxanthin.
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Fresh Raw Broccoli Nutrition Facts Health Benefits

Completed with so much nutrition, it won’t be impossible that fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts can benefit you several health advantages, such as:

  • Protecting you from the risks of prostate, pancreatic, colon, breast, and urinary bladder cancers. Considering that fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts has many phyto-nutrients that can change positive signaling at molecular receptor levels.
  • Giving you extra anti-oxidant from its rich vitamin C content on fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts that is very helpful to support your immune system, especially to fight any disease caused by viruses.
  • Fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts equipped with another anti-oxidant source, vitamin A. Broccoli can help taking care your eyes’ health; preventing it from the potential risk of macular degeneration of the retina.
  • With its excellent amount of folates. Eating fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts can help you during pregnancy to prevent any neural defects in your fetus.
  • Good for you who are in the diet program. Ever since fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts has very low amount of calorie and cholesterol, yet has rich values of dietary fiber.

To make sure you that the fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts has its peak nutrient values. Pick only the ones with fresh, compact, bright and firm textured flower heads. Meanwhile, avoid broccoli that has yellow flower buds, hollow steam, over mature florets and excessive branches.

After that, you can treat it just the way you usually take care of other green vegetables. Fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts best served while it’s fresh. But, for you who don’t like raw vegetables, it’s no problems to boil or cook it. As long as you don’t make it too overcooked. Thus, the nutrients you’ll get won’t be too low from what it supposes to be in the fresh raw broccoli nutrition facts above.

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