Four Food Against Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the most unpleasant things that we find in people, when someone’s breath smells first thought is that hygiene leaves much to be desired but this need not necessarily be so is that halitosis can come produced by many different factors that certainly are not pleased or receipt.

In any case, we know that there are many girls and many others at this point that overwhelms them breath in this publication, we want to present some foods that will help us against bad breath. Do you want to know?

Four Food Against Bad Breath


Not that it is a food itself but the parsley is perfect to eliminate bad breath. Only we have to chew some leaves of this plant to notice how our mouth refreshes and kill germs that cause the odor on the breath that is not pleasant for anyone at any time.

Some elements that can make the same effects as the parsley leaves are our breath mint or eucalyptus also help much against our mouth odor.


Eat fresh fruit as an apple is great for saliva production and thus, thanks to the exercise that makes our mouth, the possibility of bad breath is reduced. Fruits and vegetables are always very good friends of health and beauty of our body is therefore not surprising that also help us against bad breath.

The yogurt

Studies say that yogurt is one of the best elements to fight bad breath therefore, our recommendation is that you take a daily yogurt to deduce so, mouth odors. A yogurt a day reduces the level of hydrogen sulfide which is what causes bad breath and do it with the same bacteria and helps prevent dental plaque .

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Drinking water

Water is one of the great friends of our health . Drinking water reduces the ills of the body and gives life outside and inside at the same though, as what we discuss here is what fights bad breath we say that water is also an important agent that helps fight odor mouth especially when it is dry.

All you can do against bad breath is good for our health , because in the vast majority of the times, I is caused by bacteria that form in the mouth. On the other hand, we must remember the importance of taking care of our dental hygiene because it is also essential for the breath of our mouth is always kept as healthy and fresh.

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