The Evolution of Food Nutrition Facts

Food nutrition facts information is important information that everyone should know. Many times as a society we are led to believe that thinner is better. And the nutrition and dieting facts that we read in magazines are the healthiest ways to lose weight. Many people suffer from eating disorders because they have never been educated on how to eat. The human body needs a certain amount of calories in order to be healthy. These calories help gives us the fuel necessary to function on a daily basis. However, these calories come from specific food groups which help to balance your healthy.

Food Nutrition Facts

Food Groups

Food nutrition information is based off of the food groups. Each food group offers the body different vitamins, minerals and health benefits. Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy while fruits and vegetables help give us the vitamins and minerals necessary to function. Any diets call to cut out all carbohydrates which is extremely unhealthy as you will not have any source of food that provides the type of energy that carbs provide. Therefore, you will be unable to properly workout to lose the weight you want to because you have no energy to do so.

The main food groups consist of the following categories: fruits, vegetables, grains, meat and beans, oils and dairy. You should have a diet which is base off of all of these categories. Many reliable sources can tell you how to eat based off of the food pyramid such as the United States Department of Agriculture. Without food nutrition facts information, you will be unable to accurately plan your daily meal schedule. Many diseases are link to not receiving enough vitamins and minerals. Which leads many to believe that if you do not eat healthy, you will be more at risk for disease.

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