Fish Oil Benefits Omega 3 and Fish Oil, a Must for your Body!

Since you are here you’ll probably agree with me that your health, and the health of your loved ones, is the single most important thing in life. Sure, there are lot of important things out there, but none of them would matter if you’re not in good health. A lot is written about health but let’s face it, when it comes to health statements, the majority is sheer hype. It really is very rare indeed when a specific product actually lives up to the hype or exposure it receives in the newspapers and on tv.

Truth is that fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids may well be the only products deserving all the praise heaped upon them. The evidence of the omega 3 benefits are so overwhelming that even most conventional doctors advice the increase of their intake by adding fish oil supplements to our daily diet. After 11 years as health researcher and personal consumer of fish oil capsules i’m well aware of the benefits of fish oil.

As a consumer for many years, my family and i find the xtend-life natural products the best on the market, they contain a very high percentage of DHA. It’s very important your fish oil supplements have more DHA than EPA since DHA can be converted by the body into EPA when more EPA is needed, but not the other way around. Read more below if you need more information about DHA and EPA.

A guide through Fish Oil benefits


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You must have heard about fish oil benefits umpteen numbers of times from your physician or dietician, but have seldom given a thought to its benefits and how necessary it is to the human body. Only a handful of people who are aware about the benefits make sure to consume fish oil either through food or through fish oil supplements on a daily basis for various reasons. But there are still hundreds out there you would be immensely beneficial through fish oil as it has the capacity to control number of condition in human body naturally.

What makes fish oil so special?

This question is quite natural to arise in your mind and it would also help you to understand the fish oil benefits even better. Fish oil is highly concentrated with Omega 3. Omega 3 is fatty acid by nature fight inflammation and thus is essential in controlling a number of conditions in human body. Lets us get to know some fish oil benefits before we include it in our diet.

Some among the many fish oil benefits

Conditions like prostatitis, arthritis, cystitis are very commonly heard conditions in many individuals once they cross their mid thirties and are a great cause of concern too. The EPA present in omega 3 of fish oil helps in relieving pain in these conditions by regulating the inflammation cycle. Regular consumption of fish oil has proven extremely beneficial to the cardiovascular system as it immensely contributes in bringing down your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and triglycerides. Fish oil can be extremely beneficial for controlling strokes due to clots in the brain that can result in a heart stroke.

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The Omega 3 Factor

Omega 3 breaks these clots prior before it can have some adverse effects. Fish oil supplements can work wonders for would be or nursing mothers and their babies. This supplements can enhance the intelligence and concentration levels in the brain. Adults too can improve their memory, focus better and also reason better due to fish oil. Studies have also proved that regular consumption of fish oil reduces depression, psychosis, bipolar and its symptoms too. Fish oil is also responsible in preventing cancers like colon, prostate and breast in many cases. As omega 3s prevents growth of any cancerous cells or mass that can cause cancer in the long run. There are many more known conditions that are directly controlled or can be prevented due to fish oil.

So now is the time to act and give back your body what it deserves. I am sure we all want to live long but living a long unhealthy life is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. But by adding fish oil to your diet you shall not only live long but live healthy too.

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