Facts about Argan Oil Nutrition and Its Health Benefits

Argan oil is extremely nutritious due to containing such powerful medicinal properties. You can read more to understand Facts about Argan Oil Nutrition and Its Health Benefits. The remedial substances of argan oil are very manifold making the oil mostly used for cosmetic purposes. However, the powerful medicinal properties of this oil should be paid more carefully consideration.

In fact, culinary and cosmetic purposes are the most common ones of argan oil and it is often added intocouscous, salads, and other sauces. You can directly apply the oil to the skin for certain conditions, or mix with other oils such as creams, salves, or carrier oils. Most people also spread the oil directly on their hair. Additionally, argan oil can serve as one of the most versatile natural oils because it can be safely used. In Morocco due to the limitation in the amount of this oil, the price can be made more expensive; however, the government is planning to raise the production to meet the increasing requirements.

Facts about Argan Oil Nutrition

Here are some of the therapeutic properties that have in Argan Oil. Facts about argan oil nutrition afford various contents that help with treatment for serious diseases as well as skin condition.

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Anti-aging – Argan Oil Nutrition

Rubbing argan oil daily on the skin can aid in keeping skin stronger and healthier.

Antiatherogenic –Argan Oil Nutrition

It inhibits the formation of atheromatous lesions in the blood vessels and hold a promise to make the cardiovascular system healthier.

Anti-diabetic-Argan Oil Nutrition

Argan oil has exhibited anti-hyperglycemic effect in rats meaning that it can banish spikes in blood sugar levels.

Antioxidant-Argan Oil Nutrition

Argan Oil is a good antioxidant and thereby lowering free radical destruction.

Anti-Sebum –Argan Oil Nutrition

It has been found out that rubbing cosmetic grade argan oil two times per day within a month can lower the amount of sebum. Therefore, oiliness and acne can be eliminated naturally.

Chemopreventive-Argan Oil Nutrition

Chemopreventive is able to lower or delay the risk of cancer development. It can demonstrate anti-proliferative activity which constrains the growth and development of malignant cells.

Cholerectic-Argan Oil Nutrition

It increases bile secretion in the liver.

Cicatrizant-Argan Oil Nutrition

It is a good at healing wound.

Emollient-Argan Oil Nutrition

Emollient is good for keeping moisturizer.

Hepatoprotective-Argan Oil Nutrition

It protects effectively the liver.

Hypocholesterolemic-Argan Oil Nutrition

It improves HDL which stands for High density lipoprotein cholesterol and lowers the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Hypolipidemic-Argan Oil Nutrition

It improves the lipid profile.

Several Health Benefits of Argan Oil

Sun Protection:

Sunshine is ideal for going out for a swim in hot summer; however, you always have to take care of your skin because the UV radiation from the sun can have a negatively impacts on the skin, hair, and even nails. Luckily, the compounds in argan oil can banish these negative influences significantly accelerating the aging process, and causing skin cancers. It also promotes the reproduction of cells and enhances your overall health condition.

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Cancer Prevention:

Due to being loaded with antioxidants and triterpenoids, this oil can affect the levels of free radicals in the body. Free radicals lead to cancer and other chronic diseases by producing healthy cells.

Heart Health:

Sometime we prefer oils for cooking but selecting a healthier option like argan oil can aid in rebalancing the cholesterol levels. By reducing your levels of poor-quality of cholesterol, and raising the HDL cholesterol levels, it can greatly help banish atherosclerosis, heart strokes, and serious heart diseases resulted from cholesterol.

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